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All The Tropes Wiki Project, Part XX
RE: All The Tropes Wiki Project, Part XX
(07-13-2021, 03:46 PM)Bob Schroeck Wrote: <snrk>

To answer seriously, I'd say admin staff and select long-term users with demonstrated records of good edits.  However we want to phrase that latter part in the final form, it should set a very high bar -- this should a privilege restricted to only the most trusted users.

Concur. The owner of InternetArchiveBot only got their rights because their work has been used elsewhere and they came with impeccable credentials of their intent and responsibility.

Besides, the bot flag allows normal API limits to be exceeded and edit numerous pages in a manner not shown by default on recent changes unless you explicitly decide to show bot edits, so the potential for chaos would require a proven record of trustworthiness.

I'll add rule on that to the post.

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