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All The Tropes Wiki Project, Part XX
RE: All The Tropes Wiki Project, Part XX
(07-13-2021, 04:37 PM)robkelk Wrote: There's a permission level that we currently don't use: Rollbacker. (Anybody that we trust with that much power already has Admin, so it's currently redundant.) Perhaps that would be a good level - if we trust you enough to undo somebody else's contributions, then we trust you enough with a bot.


That might be good, since it's basically an elevated right between regular user and admin, and those we'd trust to rollback edits (which is what I used to undo the damage from my bot misfiring beyond what it should have) would be a good litmus test for potential bot users.

Again, this should apply to regular contributors at least. the owner of InternetArchiveBot was only able to be approved so quickly because they are an experienced user who has been of immense benefit to the Wikimedia Foundation and came with a ton of credentials proving them trustworthy, so unless they line up a ton of external credentials and a past history of using bot accounts for good purposes elsewhere, then I'd be in favor of making bot rights an earned privilege based on consistent good edits, with those granted rollback rights being prime candidates for bot approval.

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