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It's Printed
Re: GURPS Shapeshifters
I recommend this and a number of other A.E.van Vogt books if you are an SF fan, as even ignoring the philosophical sub texts they can be a really good read.
One of these days... I've got a couple van Vogt books in my library, but it's been years since I read them...
I am not too clear how you would engineer a shapeshifting power that gave you all the powers that the form implied, and enabled you to aquire further forms, without a massive increase in the rate that GURPS experience points are handed out.
Okay, quickly. The Silkies are going to use the were mechanism. Quite simply, for 15 points + the cost of a specific racial template, you can replace your normal racial template with the new one. (Cost is for the first form; for the second and subsequent were forms, it's 15 + one quarter of the template cost.) This can be modified by a large raft of enhancements and limitations specific to shapeshifters which I provide in the book. Each wereform is basically a separate advantage.
You figure out what's considered the "base" form; put that aside for the moment. Build a racial template for each other form as if it were a separate creature type. The most expensive one gets the full cost advantage; the others are discounted as noted above. Now build the base form with its specifics as a racial template, only you include the other forms in it as advantages. And that's all there is to it.

-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.

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