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Hacked website/forums
Hacked website/forums
    I've been on your homepage and the forums, and Symantic/Norton is having to block the Bitcoin miner javascript.
Norton is showing PUA.JSCoinminer when accessing both the homepage and the forums.  The files are coinhive.min[1].js and worker-asmjs.min[1].js

I still get near 80% CPU usage even with Symantic/Noton blocking them, but fortunately when I close the tab(s) to your pages it stops.
I am about to clear my cache and reattempt accessing your pages...
..And it still happens.

I will be sending this post via email.

Yours Sincerely,
RE: Hacked website/forums
Is this the same issue as what was reported at ?
Rob Kelk

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RE: Hacked website/forums
It may not be a false alarm. A quick look with Chrome's developer tools does in fact show coinhive somehow being called by my top page. I suspect one of the off-site widgets is might be compromised, as I have almost no javascript in my site otherwise (just the random headlines on the DW pages).

As soon as I get home tonight I'll kill those links and reupload the home page, and see if that makes a difference.
-- Bob

And she'll have fun, fun, fun 'til her daddy takes the T-Rex away.

RE: Hacked website/forums
I posted in the other thread...

...not sure if it's helpful or not,m but it's what I found

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RE: Hacked website/forums
It was indeed very helpful.
-- Bob

And she'll have fun, fun, fun 'til her daddy takes the T-Rex away.

RE: Hacked website/forums
OK, I'm glad to say that currently I am no longer (as of this post, and with a couple of cache clean ups) getting alerts about coinminer in the main page and the forums.

(This message will also be placed in the forums thread)

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