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Arctic is warmest it's been in 10,000 years
RE: Arctic is warmest it's been in 10,000 years
(04-26-2019, 04:18 AM)hazard Wrote: Cooling is about 5 times less efficient then warming something is, but if you have a warm layer at the top with solar power generation that can take the heat you can take the energy you gather from the sun to run whatever cooling systems you need further down, while solar boilers deliver any warm water needs.

Only now realized that I wasn't clear about what method should be used for cooling.

This one:

Basically?  It's the same thing as those nifty little propane-fired freezers.

Only instead of propane, you're using thermal collector plates inside evacuated tubes (little transparent Dewar bottles with a metal plate inside to collect solar thermal energy without it radiating back outside) to provide the heat that 'fires' the absorption chiller system.  It is so effective that you can use it to build up an 'ice bank' during the daytime hours and use that to cool your home during the night.

And that knocks off at least half the energy spent in air conditioners.  Photovoltaic cells and chemical batteries can easily handle the rest - blower motors and circulation pumps.

These are available.  Now.  For several years, even.  You can buy them in bulk on  If used with a comprehensive solar power system?  It's true carbon-neutral air conditioning, none of that swamp cooler BS that only works in deserts.

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