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The Mass Effect of Mindy and Buttons
The Mass Effect of Mindy and Buttons
A year or so back i wrote this as an omake to WhoAmEye's "Totally Losing It" over on SV but never posted it as i thought of it simply as an opening, and questioned whether i should post it to its own thread there or not. Because of that and the lack of continuation of the thread it has languished since in my writing folder. Unfortunately today one of the writers for Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain died, and in Memorium i post this here.

 The Mass Effect of Mindy and Buttons
A varren lay in the corner of a room watching the small Asari child play with her ball in the center of the room. Every so often the child would throw the ball and it would bounce off the wall and into a toy on the floor before bouncing into the varren who would then nose it over to the child once more. The child would then giggle and praise the varren giving it a hug and a sloppy kiss before going back to its play and allowing the varren to return to its nap.
It was after one such occurrence, as the varren was returning to its spot on the floor, that it heard a noise. The noise was not unlike the noise its larger mistresses would make with their fingers when it misbehaved or they wanted its attention for some reason or another. The snap however had come from within a structure made of the child’s toy blocks and since the larger mistresses were not in the room the varren went to investigate. The noises coming from the structure were similar to the large mistresses moving about, but on a much smaller scale. “Well that was a complete waste of time,” a voice said from inside the structure.
“I don’t know Brain,” a second voice replied. “We definitely went somewhere that isn’t the lab.”
“Pinky,” the first voice replied in a frustrated tone. “It’s obvious that we landed in the childcare center across the hall from the labs.” As the voice spoke a pair of white mice exited the toy structure and turned away from the varren without even seeing it. “We will simply return there and attempt to make our way to this Shadow Broker tomorrow night after I have had a chance to recalibrate the teleportation relay.”
The varren was surprised to see that it was the two mice speaking as the mistresses did, this was not right. Varren were not the brightest creatures in the universe, but even they knew what was supposed to converse and what was not. Mice were not meant to talk like the mistresses, thus there was something wrong with these mice, that meant they were a probable danger to the child who he was to protect at all costs. With that thought in his brain, the varren started to growl at the mice catching their attention.
As soon as he started to growl the two mice froze mid-stride and turned to look at him. “Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering,” the short one asked.
“I think so Brain,” the taller of the two mice replied swallowing heavily. “But I doubt I could saddle break that creature even if I had one to fit it.” At that point both mice took off running through the toys in a beeline for the door to the room which sat wide open. The varren barked at the mice and jumped after them in pursuit scattering toys in all directions and causing the girl to stop tossing the ball and laugh at the results. The mice were surprisingly fast but the varren was hot on their tails as they reached the apartment’s hallway and all three broke straight for the door. An asari stuck her head out of the kitchen and didn’t quite squeal at the sight “Sweet goddess Buttons what are you doing,” she demanded just before the varren reached the door and it opened. Buttons the varren was caught mid-leap by the human woman who walked in the door even as the mice shot by beneath her unnoticed.
“Hey Buttons, its good to see you too.” Elizabeth Shepard said catching the varren and rubbing its head as she pushed it back into the apartment. “What’s gotten into you?” Elizabeth looked to her partner and the mother of their child “Any idea what his problem is?”
“No,” Liara answered, this just started all of a sudden. “A growl and a bark in Mindy’s room and he was zooming down the hall after something small and white.
At this point the child in question came toddling down the hallway a smile on her face, “Hello ladies,” she said. Both parents sighed but refused to try any more to get her to call either of them mommy. “Whatcha doin,” she asked.
“Catching Buttons,” Elizabeth answered.
“Why,” the child asked.
“Because he doesn’t need to go out of the apartment without an adult,” Liara answered.
“Because he could get hurt,” Elizabeth answered.
“Silly Buttons,” the child said giggling and hugged the varren. “Play ball-ball now,” she continued, “come on Buttons.” The varren looked to his two larger mistresses who both nodded and trotted after the toddler. When she reached the door to the play room she turned to look at the two adults and waved at them. “Okay, I love you, buh-bye” The two adults simply wave back and disappear into the kitchen as the girl and her varren go back into their room. The girl stops in the center and starts playing with her ball again, the varren goes to his corner and lies back down. Its his job to protect the girl, that is all he cares about.
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RE: The Mass Effect of Mindy and Buttons
Cute Smile Have you shown it to Eye? It seems like the sort of thing she'd appreciate.
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RE: The Mass Effect of Mindy and Buttons
i did about the time she was losing steam in Losing it, i don't think she really paid much attention to it, it's fine here though
Wolf wins every fight but the one where he dies, fangs locked around the throat of his opponent. 
Currently writing BROBd


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