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Halloween pics
Halloween pics
[Image: 5DTaVUL.jpg]
[Image: USWXZ7m.jpg]
[Image: K5G2JOe.jpg]
[Image: 2Qm6e4T.jpg]
[Image: aHRwNhP.jpg]
[Image: SlOCrM5.jpg]
[Image: iJ1EQoW.jpg]
[Image: gVP7Ppm.jpg]
RE: Halloween pics
[Image: qqsG1gT.jpg]
[Image: KJOlcSm.jpg]
[Image: JsYu2v6.jpg]
[Image: PrA1zpK.jpg]
[Image: a2OOQ9x.jpg]
[Image: SNOj6Jb.jpg]
[Image: ZuFH1ly.jpg]
[Image: RIA5QW3.jpg]
RE: Halloween pics
[Image: 4ka3Aml.jpg]
[Image: yn31cvh.jpg]
[Image: eiQGZId.jpg]
[Image: ElT2E22.jpg]
[Image: fplwsh1.png]
[Image: prjCq0T.jpg]
[Image: ZoQH2lP.jpg]
[Image: eLuXNbI.jpg]
RE: Halloween pics
Got a good one from SV:

[Image: PkL7CHr.jpg]

I'd be more tempted to cut that side of the milk jug off entirely and have it narrow-end-down myself, but that square chin effect does have something going for it.Maybe make a wide jagged cut like a lack-o-lantern mouth across the bottom instead of just a mouth hole so it can move with your jaw?
‎noli esse culus
RE: Halloween pics
Continuing the jug-head theme, a few yarrs ago (five, apparently, not the two I thought) there was this, similar to what I suggested above:

[Image: S1nG02p.jpg]

That was using a big vinegar jug, BTW, and due to how I cut the eyeslits it actually had GREAT peripheral visison. A milk jug turns out to be a little too short to work properly in that orientation, though, and due to the eye holes being cut in the flat front it does block things a little more than the older design. Cutting a jack-o-lantern mouth (and lower eyes that the pic above so it's not mashing my nose) turned out to work pretty well, and a light spritz of candy orange automotive enamel plus a few minutes with a green Sharpie gave it some half-decent pumpkin colors too. Not the best photo, sadly, due to lighting conditions - I'll try again tomorrow with some natural light instead of the intentionally dim interior lights and always-crapifying camera flash. For now, though, here's a couple snaps of my Wink Gourdon Kopf costume.

Clicky for bigs.

[Image: yzms9cgh.jpg]

[Image: FoJpB9Ll.png]

As the lower jaw is doubling as a chin strap to hold the mask down in front, opening my mouth also makes the mask's jaw move. You can see the difference between this shot and the full-body one above.
‎noli esse culus
RE: Halloween pics
New photo, on the spoopy side of the shed and holding my most stickedy stick:

[Image: rhat741l.jpg]

And for the record, even with just shorts on my legs underneath, DAMN this is hot, with a wool robe over a long sleeve knit top and a balaclava under the mask and a hood over that. It's only 60 degrees (~16C) out and I was still broiling before I'd even finished getting everything on, let alone after ten minutes of posing for the dozen snaps we actually took.
‎noli esse culus
RE: Halloween pics
[Image: u0ATpNW.png]
[Image: NP7gKUW.jpg]
[Image: LOBNAxN.jpg]
[Image: I2eWR45.png]
[Image: hTBsrHr.jpg]
[Image: VnbM0oY.png]
[Image: Kd4iHYu.jpg]
[Image: No80Hbl.jpg]
[Image: FcYEqi7.jpg]
RE: Halloween pics
The best Canadian celebrity Halloween costumes of 2019
Rob Kelk

Since it's an election year in the USA: How to Immigrate to Canada, direct from the Government of Canada's website. "How you can immigrate to Canada, how to protect yourself from fraud and what to expect after you arrive in Canada."
RE: Halloween pics
Work lets us us dress up for Halloween, this year I was a 'French Taunter' (from Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail' (I was the Spaceball shown above last year)
[Image: OTPNdnQ.jpg]
[Image: s7cLk6g.jpg]

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