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AD&D 1e modules
AD&D 1e modules
The recent digression into gaming in the COVID-19 check-in thread has reminded me that I have a bookshelf-full of AD&D 1e modules, some of which are first printing, some of which even don't have penciled-in notes. My original intention was to leave them to Epsilon in my will... but that obviously isn't happening. Is there a market for these? If there is, what are they worth?

For that matter, is there any interest in them here? Maybe I can save the cost of an eBay listing and make a fellow forumite happy.

I'd have to go through the collection and catalog them all, but I know it includes the original Tomb of Horrors and the original Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, as well as a fair chunk of the UK series.
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RE: AD&D 1e modules
Whether or not it's worth going to eBay is going to depend heavily on the title in question... some of the 1e stuff is more desirable simply because it either hasn't been republished or got heavily revised for subsequent printings even when they're 1e.

I'll admit to very mild interest... most of that's just for the historic curiosity, since I'm not sure how much is useful to us playing 5e, even as I start considering how I'm going to run Campaign Three in the series.
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RE: AD&D 1e modules
Given how much used gaming stuff I've bought through Amazon Marketplace and eBay -- and the local online auction full of such stuff I made bids in a couple-three months back -- I'd say you have a good chance of finding buyers who will pay more than a pittance.
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