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The Pluto Project
The Pluto Project
Just had an amusing thought, and had to share.
We have a Mars Project.
We have a Venus Project.
You know that there's going to be a group of people out there somewhere running the Pluto Project.
Not terraforming. That would be silly. No, this is a bunch of old-school astronomy fanatics, who are trying to win one of the more virulent astronomy debates of the century in the most decisive way possible. Whether or not Pluto qualifies as a planet right now, it sure will when they're done with it.
Basically, the answer is simple. by hook or by crook, they're dragging random celestial bodies out of their corners of the sky, slapping appropriately-sized drives on them, and riding them in at nonfatal speeds. Comets are favorite, but asteroids will do. They'd *like* to grab a moon or two, but acknowledge that the things are too valuable where they are. They managed to drag a consensus definition of how much mass a planet requires, and they're intending to go for that plus about 10% - Just To Be Sure. They'll even normalize the orbit a bit, if they have to.
Mind you, this isn't particularly lucrative, and it is a lot of work. The job is a labor of love - between folks who have money but no time and are willing to donate to the cause, and folks who have time and are willing and able to work for a pittance. the work goes slow - but Pluto is patient.
Re: The Pluto Project
What a beautiful idea. One of the best windmill-tilts ever. --
Sailor Moon Fanfiction:

Sailor Moon Fanfiction:
Re: The Pluto Project
And here I was expecting you to have the Senshi out there building the Time Gates...
Then again, maybe they are, and they're not going to like having their real estate rearranged without anyone consulting them first. Of course, the fact that they're almost certainly a secret project may have something to do with the fact that no one asked...
-- Bob
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Re: The Pluto Project
Now you've got me thinking that somewhere in the Oort cloud are a group of Fen looking for a rock roughly the size of Luna.
And they plan to name it Dahak when they're done prepping it. 8P__________________
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