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[Story][Season 0] FTL is Magic
[Story][Season 0] FTL is Magic
FTL Is Magic - 04/Sep/2012
April 2010, USA/L5
Dora looked at her pony, Bella.  She knew she might never see her again.  Mummy and Daddy had explained - they were "going up".  And Bella couldn't come.
Daddy had tried to explain.  He was an engineer, a really good one, but there weren't any jobs for him.  Mummy was a teacher, and she was working as hard as she could, just to keep them going.
"I know you love that pony, sweetie.  But, she's not really yours, she's shared with a lot of other kids.  You only get to ride her because Auntie Gwen is a family friend.  We can't afford to pay her, these days."
They were taking the family camper van, and Daddy's old SUV, loaded up with engineering stuff.  Daddy had "waved" them up.  Their first stop was somewhere called "Stellvia", that Dora had never heard of.  She couldn't find it in Mummy's old atlas, either, so it couldn't be very important.
She'd heard Daddy and Mummy talking, about what to take, what to leave behind. About something called a "second mortgage".  About a "magic green gunk", that was for use if they had a really emergency.
Leaving Bella behind was a real emergency.  So, Dora had soaked some slices of apple, in the magic stuff.  Bella ate them up.  Now everything would be alright.
Dora didn't know what happened.  Just before they left, she kept looking out. Nothing.  There was a phone call from the stables.  Bella had fallen ill and they were calling a vet.  Mummy and Daddy wouldn't let her go and see.  They had to leave.
"Would you mind coming down here?"
"I think this is is one of those 'executive decisions'."
"There's a pony knocking on the outside of the airlock.  I think she wants to come in."

Bella is going to try and find Dora and family.  Dora and family are probably going to have to find somewhere to live where no one is going to get upset about Bella being around.  And, figure out a way to pay Gwen for Uplifting one of her most popular ponies.
And, there is going to be concern as to whether Dora has accidentally biomodded herself (she didn't - she read and followed the handling instructions her father put on the 'childproof' container).
Bella isn't really one of the existing types, and when she escaped from the stables she was just an intelligent, talking, pony, with no obvious other abilities.  She tracked back to Dora's (abandoned) home, then used Dora's fathers workshop to
make a 'pony harness'.  This included some abandoned electronics, MLP media, and
the handwavium produced a harness giving flight, a credible space-proof force
field, and a touch-range tractor-presser manipulative capability. Bella then
followed Dora 'up'.
Bella is going to choose a new name, probably something like "Uplift Friend" ("Bella" is a human name).  She acquired a cutie mark of a golden cog wheel with a stylised pink heart superimposed.  Otherwise her appearance is pearl-coloured with a brown mane and tail, much like her original colouring, though she didn't originally have a short silver-coloured unicorn horn.  She doesn't have a trace of magical talent - instead handwavium likes her.  I guess you could call her a 'Tinkerfairy'.
What Noah saw when he looked at what was outside his airlock was a pony (wearing a harness) within a globe of coloured light (that happens to hold in an atmosphere),
and which forms fluttering brighter bands that look from a distance like
a hummingbird's blurring wings.

Dora, her family and Bella (whatever she ends up calling herself) are Open Characters.
"It is the business of the future to be dangerous" - Hawkwind
META "FTL is Magic"

Rather than throw this story away, I've re-written it so it hopefully doesn't upset any Moderator. Particularly, this is a 'uplift' of a real pony into MLP:FIS status (not a human losing manipulative ability), the biomod should fall within acceptable Season 0 limits, and the character has no built-in 'magic' or 'super tech' abilities, they are all external 'bolt-ons'.

Thanks to ClassicDrogn and others whose suggestions have been incorporated.
"It is the business of the future to be dangerous" - Hawkwind

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