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[Fiction][RFC] The Inevitable Five Nights At Freddy's Crossover
Wrote this up for this story, i'm pretty sure i showed it to Jake at some point and got his Ok.

In the depths of the solar system a ship patrolled somewhere amongst the asteroids and semi-planetoids at the edge of the heliopause. On that ship, a bipedal wolf stalked across the launch and recovery deck to a section of wall and typed a numerical code into a recessed control pad. “Verbal password required for locker unlock.” A computerized voice intoned.

“I aim to misbehave, my sword is yours.” The wolf replied.

“Verbal password accepted,” the computer replied and with a snick a pair of panels slid to opposite sides revealing a weapons rack. The weapons in the rack were a mish mash of styles and types, slug throwers sat next to plasma weapons, rifles sat next to shotguns in a rack over the pistols which sat in their own holders. The wolf reached in and pulled a twelve gauge Ithaca 1898 pump shotgun from its place along with a Colt 1911A1. As he stepped away the sliding doors closed again while a drawer opened beneath revealing box upon box of ammunition along with four racks of magazines. A box of ammo for each weapon as well as magazines for the colt filled his hands before he nudged the drawer closed once more. Finally a closet next to the weapons locker opened revealing a brown long coat, a small fold down table, a hip holster and a baldric scabbard. Folding down the table he put the weapons and ammunition on it, then loaded first the magazines, and then the shotgun. Weapons loaded he pulled first the hip holster out and clipped it to his belt before sliding in the .45. Pistol on his hip he then pulled on the long coat before sliding the shotgun into the scabbard and shouldering the strap of the baldric. The closet closed behind him as he turned and walked toward an old PT boat that sat at the edge of the hanger.

On the foredeck of the boat a petite blond woman sat waiting. She wore red leather hot pants and a short red leather jacket sat open over her shoulders showing a red bikini top, wrap around shades covered her eyes while a pistol sat on her hip in a holster. Hardened black gauntlets matched both the choker on her neck and the belt that the holster was attached to finished out the outfit. As the wolf approached she stood and shouldered a plasma carbine, “So James, what’s the deal?”

The wolf looked up at her and smiled a feral smile, “Well dear,” he said and then started to sing. “A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go, high ho the merry oh, a hunting we will go.”

At that the blonde simply giggled before pushing the shades up onto her forehead and giving the wolf a lopsided grin. “No, really, what’s the deal?”

“Someone force biomodded some kids,” at this the wolf’s smile fell away. “We get to hunt them down, pure and simple.” The blonde grimaced at the thought of what had happened but nodded.

“Let’s get this show on the road then.” The wolf said and the two of them disappeared into the boat.

I won’t say that Tom and I didn’t get along, but we definitely had our differences. That said they fell mostly into how to handle certain things. Where racists, assholes, and child abusers were concerned though, I think we saw more eye to eye than anywhere else. I like to think that he would agree with me, Hell was coming for the guy that did this to those children, and me and mine were coming with it.

1186 Turnera
1500 hours

1186 Turnera had been originally settled by the Sons of Turner, a group of racist white supremacists who were later kicked out during the Boskone war. Now, years later it was being used as overflow housing for the main belt colonists and their dependants.

“Excuse me ma’am?” Elizabeth Andrews looked up from her vegetable garden at the young female voice that spoke. Standing there was a young blonde woman in red short shorts and a red leather jacket. A pistol sat on one hip, while something else metal glinted on the opposite side. “I’m trying to find information on your former neighbor Mr. Peterson. Do you know anything about where he might have gone to or what he might be doing?” the young woman asked.

“Deary,” Elizabeth Andrews said pulling off her gardening gloves, “I have to ask, are you law enforcement of somekind?”

“Something like that ma’am,” the blonde answered turning to show the badge opposite the gun on her hip.

The older woman nodded, “Well then you know what kind of history my former neighbor probably had and quite frankly we were happy to see him go around these parts. He didn’t cotton to our kind.”

The blond smiled, “Probably doesn’t like mine either, though I could probably pass for his.” She replied, “He’s gone and hurt kids as well, and my husband and I don’t like that. Neither does our boss, and because of that we’re out here hunting for him. Any comments he might have made in passing could help.”

The older woman just shook her head, “said something about going where the people were real, but honestly I don’t know what or where he meant.”

The blond sighed and nodded before pulling out some sort of business card. “Thank you for your help ma’am, if you think of anything please call the number, either me, my husband or one of our superiors will answer and get us the information.”

Taking the card from the young woman, Elizabeth looked at it. “Alright Captain Bostwick, if I think of anything I will.”

“Thank you for your time ma’am,” Loviatar Bostwick said before turning and walking down the elderly black woman’s front walk and back out onto the sidewalk.

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