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[Open] Situations Vacant.
[Open] Situations Vacant.
To: jobs.all-call(a)nation.fen
Date: 09/09/2024

Subj: Who wants to go fast and get paid?

Situation Vacant: Position available as Pilot for up and coming racecraft manufacturer factory squadron. Performance based renumeration to be negotiated. The succesful applicant will be both willing and able to provide technical feedback as part of continuous spacecraft development, be suitable for RF-47 Kulbit flight suit and cockpit, and have relevant race experience. Specific combat experience is not a requirement. Applicant must also be flexible, and be willing to lend a hand to a spanner, or to any publicity work that may be required. Team player is a must, no Schumachers.

The succesful applicant will pass an initial technical interview, before being given a test flight in Daryl Haur's championship-winning RF-47 Kulbit-A to determine their true skill level and capability.

In return, we offer this; The Pilot's seat of an RF-47 Kulbit-B which is more than capable of outright winning the ARR Warbirds championship in the right hands.

The question you have to ask yourself. Are those your hands?

If the answer is yes, respond with a suitably impressive C.V. to RedefiningSpeed@asagiri.Fen. before the 30th of this month.

-Jet Jaguar

tags: Pilot; Racing; Mechanic; Experience; Unique.
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