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The Revenant Hero Project: Reloaded.
The Revenant Hero Project: Reloaded.
Okay, I'm working on this arc I had planned. Here's the Souvenier:

A shattered Paragon Protector's helmet.

The shattered remains of a Paragon Protector's helmet is your only reminder of your adventures in the strange dimension of Sigma Psi 20-7, in an adventure
called - The Revenant Hero Project: Reloaded.

It started with a lead from a Crey researcher, Dr. E. Smith, who asked you to verify a tip they had received from one of their 'data recovery
specialists' regarding Portal Corporation's discovery of a dimension populated only by Paragon Protectors. You infiltrated a Portal Corporation data
center, and recovered the coordinates of Sigma Psi 20-7.

Your next task was to convince Operative Grillo to allow you and Smith to use Arachnos' experimental portal. Blackmail appeared to be the order of the say,
and so you invaded an Arachnos Lab for some very interesting accounting information.

With your keys to the portal, you made your first trip to Sigma Psi 20-7. You found yourself in a ruined city, in which you gathered the clues to what had
happened. From a newspaper, you found the public story - apparently, in a single day, all Crey Corporation facilities went silent. The next morning, a legion
of Paragon Protectors poured forth, and even the mighty heroes of Paragon City couldn't stand under the onslaught. From there, the legion spilled out over
the countryside.

You returned to Smith with your dirsturbing information. Shaken, Smith gave you Portal coordinates for a Crey Lab in Sigma Psi 20-7, and sent you to gather
information from it. Within the Lab, you found a few functioning computers with the data Smith requested. Apparently, the Seventh Generation Paragon Protector
genome carried a telepathic marker, intended to allow an advanced form of teamwork between the Protectors. Unbeknownst to Crey, the Protectors eventually
reached a critical point, forming a gestalt hive mind. This hive mind hatched its plan - take over the Crey labs, expand its forces immensely, and destroy
anything that was a threat to it - all over intelligent life.

With your latest data, Smith had one final mission for you, direct from Countess Crey. The Tenth Generation of the Paragon Protectors, still in development in
Crey, were designed with the telepathic marker in their genome. You needed to destroy the lab, any prototypes, and the research within. You attacked the
facility, and discovered that the Paragon Protectors had already taken over. Defeating them, you prevented a repeat of Sigma Psi 20-7, and gave Crey some
valuable data for their next revision of the Revenant Hero Project.


Five missions total, three with PP's as the main enemy, and a development of in-game backstory. Yes? No?

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