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Arc 136233: Tales of the Legendary: Joint Training
Arc 136233: Tales of the Legendary: Joint Training
To be brutally honest, this is a set of Levelling/chaos maps.

Mission one is a copy of Terr's infamous "BP World:" Graveyard Map, LOTS of BP

Mission two is an outdoor city map Chock Full of high-level 5th Column.

Both maps are set up on the 45+ paradigm. So, a "bare" lowbie is up against the Purple patch and gets mad xps/tix/inf if there's a 50 in the

These may be difficult or Just plain easy depending on build and difficulty solo. I was fortunate enough to get an 8-man team runthrough after publishing it.
The major complaints, other than common "Story? What Story?" were mainly about the length of the maps.

I'm open for suggestions for "Case Files" to expand on for the "frame" story.

Existing casefiles include "Terrence Knight's Wanderings" and "Place Kicker's Memoirs."
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