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I should not have done this Jackie's Double E's - 176230
I should not have done this Jackie's Double E's - 176230
(I could not quite reach the appall Thibor height I aspired to, but enjoy it anyway)

There are times for keeping your game face firmly fixed. When others were looking to you for leadership, you could not let it slip. You had to maintain the
aura of calm, focused control, and by doing so, let it pass like an infection to those around you. When the world around you was descending into utter bat-shit
madness, to the point where the appearance of the Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts and Hookah smoking caterpillar would signify a turn towards the comfortably
normal, you had to keep your game face on.

Thibor has a carefully trained game face. Anyone who had spent any time with dogs knew how difficult it was for the canine, or in his case, lupine, face to
conceal emotion. Doggie expressions were so obvious.; happy dog, unhappy dog, sick dog and of course Irish setter. His team looked to him. His team needed him
to be the solid rock on which they would build their attack.

Even now, they were arranged behind him. Waiting for the word.

He has seen the enemies. His team had seen the enemies. He turned to his team.

His game face faltered. Then gave way. The look of shocked horror matching those around him.

As one they turned and fled, tumbling through the portal and back into the bustling Architect Enterprise lobby.

Thibor let loose a long and profane burst of Romani; the incredibly descriptive and anatomically unlikely phrases were a balm to his battered psyche. He felt
cleaner for it.

"Okay." Thibor rasped. "Is never, ever, running one of Jackie's custom missions ever again. Agreed?"

It was unanimous.
damn, that mish sounds like a Terr breaker Tongue

I'm just going to copy this in from my chat log.

Quote:Okay. Time to open up Jackie's Fun Box
You have made it!
Congratulations! You earned the Impulsive badge.

.... dude, that is perfect!

I 5 star'ed this one... it was refreshing to laugh so hard I died.
Rev, you are an sick sick man, and we love you for it Smile

This had me laughing

ETA: one thing I forgot to mention, Jackie should have more than just her name for info
"so listen up boy, or pornography starring your mother will be the second worst thing to happen to you today"
TF2: Spy
Direct quote from combat log:
Jackie's Treaure chest has defeated Big Hot Cockadoodle
Naturally the only reason I quoted this was to draw attention to the typo.
The nav text for the hostage also doesn't indicate it should be lead out. This lead to some awkward fumbling.
-- Acyl
Thanks for catching the spelling error, it has been corrected, more instructions have been added to the rescue and Jackie's Bio has been

And you had some awkward fumbling with Free Love?

Hasn't everyone. Next you'll tell me you didn't find the G...

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