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CK2 Historical Shenanigans
CK2 Historical Shenanigans
At the moment, what I'm thinking is that we should figure out a time, figure out a means of communication, and verify that everything works.
We're not going to finish a game today.  That's a given.  We can't really make concrete progress without at least an hour-long session, I'd say.  Three hours would be preferable, but one would work.  If we can do something in that scale semi-regularly on Saturdays, that should let us reach the 1400s this year.
Also, Yuku isn't fast enough.  We need instant messaging and/or voice chat.  I'm on Skype, MSN, Google, Steam, and Ventrilo- whichever you want to use, I'm good with.
I've had games (mostly Civ5) that I just couldn't play with people
because of network iffiness on one or both ends, bad coding, and the
like, so before we get the 'real game' going, we should do a test run. You know the type- make sure we can all connect to the same game, run it just fine for a while, save our progress, and reload it afterwards.  If we can't do all that, this whole thing (probably) falls apart.

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I've been writing a bit.
I'm on both Skype and Steam regularly, and the game itself has a built in chat interface as well, accessible via the Tab key.

There are instructions for setting up multiplayer here, though you need to have registered your copy of CK2 in order to access that part of their forums.
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I already sent you a Steam friend invite, BTW.  Same avatar I use on here, but the name is slightly different.
Having trouble opening the correct ports, though.  I've got the correct login/password for the Metaserver, since I was able to log back into my account on those forums with it, but I keep getting a 'Connection Failed' from CK2.  It's allowed through my firewall, and my router says those ports are open, but no love.
EDIT: It might be wiser to do a Hamachi/direct IP setup, anyway.  Apparently, the Metaserver is both unstable, and slow to update after patches.  Also, my Steam and Skype names and avatar pics are the same, if you prefer to use that.

My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Brother Atom Bomb of Courteous Debate. Get yours.

I've been writing a bit.
I'd be interested in joining in, although I will be away for at least one weekend at the end of July.
I'm on Steam fairly regularly, same name as here.

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