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I was doing some thinking...
While this thread is alive, I might as well ask: what's the "Pseudo-UF" that has a strong link to Legion's Quest? Is that a category to which LQ belongs? It's the only item on the map in quotes, and it doesn't really work as the title of a work, but if it's a category, then surely there should be membership links to more stories on the map than just LQ... The non-Eyrie works that are indirectly linked to UF itself should have strong links to "Pseudo-UF", for starters (assuming I've guessed correctly).
There is a very early segment of Legion's Quest in which Legion ends up in Undocumented Features, but it was written without knowledge of the EPU folks, and because they maintain a more or less closed universe it is not considered in any way official and is in fact the subject of some annoyance to them. However, several things that are important to every subsequent LQ story -- his ship and Min to name two -- come from that story, so it can't just be dustbinned and forgotten. Hence, it is a world very very very much like UF but not at all UF in any official way.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
Something akin to TotallynotMoperville, then. (Except that was done with the permission, or at least resignedness, of Dan Shive.)
RE: I was doing some thinking...
Ah, hell, I'm going to bump this thread again, just in case Fnord can fit tweaking the multiverse diagram into his schedule these days.
-- Bob

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