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Deciever's Legacy is finished!
Deciever's Legacy is finished!
Dragonnes Eclectic has comlpeted the latest epic-length installment of her Radditz-back-from-the-dead DBZ series, which can be found here. If you hate DBZ because of the repetetive plots and five-episodes-long-fight pacing but like shonen in general, READ THESE FICS. She and Burenda taken together (though as far as I know, they haven't ever collaborated) are like... well, I'd say the EPU of Dragonball, but the Eyrie crew usually works from much better starting material to get stuff this good, and it's not a crossover or SI, save for a bit of RL and Runequest mythology at points of Mythic Descent for the gods of dead religions (as in, 'all practitioners are') and the Time-Before-Time.
- CD
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Re: Deciever's Legacy is finished!
Let's hear it for Nunk Rats
Tom Mathews aka Disruptor

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