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Full Version: Wendy's publishes an RPG
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Yes, the burger chain.

It's called Feast of Legends, and it's no joke.  100 pages of rules and campaign setting, and a few gaming sites have already reviewed it and generally approved.  As one put it, you're not going to get a year of play out of the campaign, but it's fun for the occasional pickup game.  Looking at it, they pulled out all the stops; the art is gorgeous and the production quality is top-rate.

Yes, it's an advertising thing. But whoever did this is one of us, and it shows.
an interesting premise, i could work with this
... that is hilarious, and I kind of want a hard copy to give my sister's family, who are all into RPing together. Or possibly to see an issekai about it, though I don't think I'd want to do fast-food-themed generic fantasy as an SI any more than plain generic fantasy. Well, maybe a little more, but in a "this is less bad" kind of way; transforming mecha/space opera is my thing, and the scope of Feast of Champions doesn't really allow for covering crafting on that level even if fantasy magic is just as valid a basis for giant robots as space magic.
Don't forget to download the character sheets. The file has one blank sheet and five pregens.

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