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Full Version: Legendary Voice Channel?
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So... Peggy got me a gaming headset as part of my Christmas goodies.  I seem to recall there used to be a Legendary voice channel set up somewhere.  Does it still exist?
First I've heard of this, seems like a channel I'd lurk in on occasion!
If not, maybe set up a Discord? Iunno.
Or ask one of the two folk here who already did if we can add a legendary VC to their already existing stuff?
Discord is pretty easy to deal with once it is up and running. I don't remember if we ever had a voice chat, i would have asked to get in on that
True. Only thing I really remember was listening to Cape Radio while grinding away...
I believe Black Aeronaut made a discord server for the board denizens a few months ago - http://www.accessdenied-rms.net/forums/s...?tid=13825
Hah nice find Ankh although admittedly I was thinkin somethin a little more focused towards our Legendary SG folk but thats just my pie in the sky thoughts Smile