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Full Version: For the Altitis Sufferers....
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His Lovely Wife

No, sorry, it's not a cure. :-)
ECL and IST Paragon City are now in coalition with The Dragon's Hoard (started by *gasp* Horned Dragon - was it obvious?) Anyway, HD asked me to let you know the Hoard is recruiting.
You must be magic origin. Would be great if you were also a mythical type creature. Example - HD is obviously a dragon, Wyvern, succubi, my toon is just a cursed dragon slayer.... I'm trying to convince Rev to play a Sphynx. I haven't seen many of those in game. but you'll need to be able to riddle. Any takers?
I think I covered everything. Any questions, ASK! @His Lovely Wife, or @Horned Dragon
PS, I should probably mention, this is on Infinity Server.


Be sure to let @His Lovely Wife, or us, know when you make a character, if you do, so we can send you an invite. @His Lovely Wife actually forgot to mention that the requiremnts are you must either be a mystical creature created by anything, or for the more normal type ((Humans)) You must be Magic Origion. Once again, thank you! We also now have a single teelporter, only goes to Steel though, so it's not al lthat great.
So like, would Bowtruckle, the magically mutated sprite, be appropriate?
I'm not about to make ANOTHER alt, I'm just wondering.


Yes, that would be fine jpub, Bowtruckle would be absoutely fine, though if you're you you think you are, then don't you hate playing Bowtruckle?