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What? It's Bob's fault!

* * *

"Think of it as a morale booster," Evangelia said as she tightened down the final screw on the bracket she was attaching to the wall. The soft
background hiss of the air conditioners and the far-off faint beeping of the Command Center were the only response. She tossed a glance back over her shoulder.

Mag Flashlight stood there, holding the giant message board intended to fit in said bracket across one shoulder. "Oh, it'll be that, boss lady,"
he finally replied.

"So what's the problem?"

Mag blinked. "I'm trying to decide what to put up here -first-," he said. "I mean, the board's only so big...."

"... I hadn't thought of that."

They settled the board into place and stepped back. The banner at the top read QUOTES OF THE LEGENDARY, and a little box with pens, pads, and tacks hung below.

Eva scribbled briefly on a slip, tore it off and stuck it on the board, and turned to Mag with a satisfied expression. "There! Now we just wait."

* * *

--"Listening to your kid is the audio equivalent of a Salvador Dali painting, Spud." --OpMegs

(EDIT by Bob: update link to point to this site instead of Crapatalk.)
"This park -sucks-!"
-- Sammy (aka Purrfect Scrapper), after the end of a long, painful dash from the ampitheatre to a mish door in Perez Park (in Sofaspud's 'Run Away".)

-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
"Even the most STUBBORN of coals will light at TEN THOUSAND DEGREES! Mag Flashlight! If you would be so kind? The LIQUID

-- Cyberman 8, providing the "Mythbusters moment" at the end of a successful Legendary BBQ picnic.
"She's not some air headed spell slinger that calls out her attacks and can't take a piss without detailed instructions from a shoulder

-- Lisa (aka Gamma Emission) regarding Emerald Blast, in Sweno's Pair Production #3

--"Listening to your kid is the audio equivalent of a Salvador Dali painting, Spud." --OpMegs
"They're staying cool"
--Alice, in regards to Terr and Leon

The Master said: "It is all in vain! I have never yet seen a man who can perceive his own faults and bring the charge home against himself."

>Analects: Book V, Chaper XXVI


"So, who here wants to get into Terrence's pants?"

"Statement: This unit has sufficient lower-body coverage, and does not anticipate a wardrobe sharing agreement with Command Unit designate Terrence at
this time."

-Steph and Vengy riffing on poor belabored Terrence during Moonfire TF
"Sorry. Travel agents. They're a breed to themselves." - The Honest Gentleman, explaining his IC phonecall while waiting for the rest of the
group to arrive at the mission door.
Ebony the Black Dragon

"Good night, and may the Good Lord take a Viking to you."
"Caution: Falling Rocks" - Gen, speaking of Emet's method of quickly getting back to the contact during the last Shard TF. (Fall to the bottom of
the map, get TP'ed right to him)
"so listen up boy, or pornography starring your mother will be the second worst thing to happen to you today"
TF2: Spy
"How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Sabre Pop?"

"Ask Ms. Ifrit."

- Wiregeek and Ebony, catching my pop culture reference and running with it hilariously.
"Oh, silver blade, forged in the depths of the beyond. Heed my summons and purge those who stand in my way. Lay
"These Mushroom Men taste.. Preeettttttyyyy......."

"You ever LOOK at your claws? I mean, really LOOK at them?"


-Gen, on the Eden Trial
"No can brain today. Want cheezeburger."
From NGE: Nobody Dies, by Gregg Landsman
Silicon Sabre: Mass produced killer robots with particle beams....I'm feeling nostalgic all of a sudden.

Brightsky: Why's that?

Silicon Sabre: Well, if this were any -more- like my home, there'd be a satellite based cannon bearing down on us.

Numero Catorce: Your home scares me a little bit, Senorita Silicon.

- Discussion while facing down Siege in the Maria Jenkins arc
"Oh, silver blade, forged in the depths of the beyond. Heed my summons and purge those who stand in my way. Lay
"The stabbings will continue until lethality improves." --OpMegs, in a moment of transcendental insight

--"Listening to your kid is the audio equivalent of a Salvador Dali painting, Spud." --OpMegs
Wait a minute, you have to get a *license* to create life?

Man, this town sucks.

-- Morgan
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
"....you've chained yourself to the fridge."

- DS, discovering that having a Sabre based off Gir live in your apartment is not always the best situation.
"Oh, silver blade, forged in the depths of the beyond. Heed my summons and purge those who stand in my way. Lay
Terrence Knight: ..It was My imagination..I could have sworn I had heard creaking from my underwear, but Impervium doesn't creak right?

Typhoon Sabre: I'm an engineer, let me check.

--Terr and Matrix Dragon, on the (Almost all female) Legendary Swimsuit Edition Team

The Master said: "It is all in vain! I have never yet seen a man who can perceive his own faults and bring the charge home against himself."

>Analects: Book V, Chaper XXVI

dark seraph

Sanguine Sabre: i taste blood

it's kinda nice

On the subject of the duo team of Cyberman 8 and Terrence Knight just MOWING through Carnies and Malta on a Safeguard Mission:

"This is what happens when an Unstoppable Force and an Immovable Object... COOPERATE!!"
Braende: I think I'll stick with Valles.

Terrence Knight: Pet Squid? *Chuckles*

Lost Sabre: Tent....Tent... HENTAICLES!

Braende: No, she can't do that.

The Master said: "It is all in vain! I have never yet seen a man who can perceive his own faults and bring the charge home against himself."

>Analects: Book V, Chaper XXVI
"I have yet to meet a man that won't stop focusing on me after I stuff a squirrel into his pants." --Superball, in Sweno's Staking A Claim

--"Listening to your kid is the audio equivalent of a Salvador Dali painting, Spud." --OpMegs
The redside team had a few good ones tonight

Acetone: Coming my adorable Lackey!

Panzer reveals some personal history, Ace is tactless, Jen shills for Crey.

Panzersoldat: Ach, I vatched that vith mein daughter.

Panzersoldat: Then she got killed.

Panzersoldat: Ah vell. Life in ze big vorld.

Acetone: Do not fret, her flames of villainy may not be extinguished yet. There is always Mad Science!

Panzersoldat: Vat?

Panzersoldat: Ach, this vas...years ago.

Acetone: Darkest sorcery?

Panzersoldat: ...nein, danke.

Panzersoldat: I am not much uv 'sorcery' fellow, ja?

Jen Etroica: subcontract.

Panzersoldat: Ehn. I vill live, danke.

Panzersoldat: Besides, I mean. Nazi science vas pretty gud for time.

Jen Etroica: probably safer.

Panzersoldat: Und cyborging tends to be the result uv reanimation, ja?

Panzersoldat: Und I am pretty sure she vould protest coming back vith ze metal parts.

Panzersoldat: Und, I mean, it vould be -really- avkvard to explain to mein granddaughter.

Acetone: Ah, there is always the quality of un-life issue.

Jen Etroica: Crey has an excellent line of biomimetic augmentation and replacements.

Panzersoldat: 'Sveetheart, your mama came back to life because granpapa vas sad.'

Panzersoldat: It has a certain. Erm. -Qvality- to it.

Acetone: There is of course dwelling too much in the past. That too may dim the flames of Villainy, though they are never quenched.

Panzersoldat: Uv course, mein granddaughter has kids uv her own now, so it vouldn't be qvite in those terms.

Ysrafel: Evil mastermind's beautiful daughter ALWAYS falls for the squarejawed hero

Panzersoldat: Ach, vat mastermind?

Panzersoldat: I am not mastermind. Und I -liked- her husband!

Panzersoldat: He vas accountant!

Panzersoldat: Pleasant man, safed me much time on taxes!

Panzersoldat: Und stop touchinkg me!

Panzersoldat: Play dead!

Acetone: Get your elbow out of my face and I'll consider it

Panzersoldat: I'm -playink dead-, you vapid nutbak.


"If Ace Books ever came out with an edition of The Bible, both books

would be edited down to 40,000 words, and they'd be renamed "Master of

Chaos" and "The Thing With Three Souls."

-- Terry Carr


A little gem while fighting with my computer at Wentworths and sitting around as Belmonette.

Auto Maximus: (Oh God. An entire SG of Fusionettes? D: ) Belmonette: (*grins* yep)
"Gen ate puppy once. Mag got real mad at Gen."

"Now Gen know, puppies for petting, not for eating."

= Genau'goeg in a co-op discussion about what kind of "kicking puppies" counts as "evil".
"Oh, silver blade, forged in the depths of the beyond. Heed my summons and purge those who stand in my way. Lay

dark seraph

Syndesis: The internet is for prawn! The internet is for prawn! o/'

Syndesis: Lobster dip and crab fish sticks for prawn prawn prawn!

Syndesis: Ask your local kheldian prawn star if tentacle grape is for you.


Acly won the internet Tongue

In case you missed it, Atlantea has a fire/fire scrapper named Burning Sensation.
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  OW OW OW OW
[Team] Catchphrase:  Someone's in pain from a burning sensation.
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Things go better with Burning Sensation]


[The Legendary]Atlantea: WOOO!!! Burning Sensation now has STAMINA!!!! (Speaking of burning around the track going "POWEEEEER!!"" ^_^))
[The Legendary]Acyl: So the burning sensation now lasts longer.
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: POWWWWER!!!!
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: OH it's so wrong! *snrk*
[The Legendary]Sweno: [she is now the burning sensation that doesn't let up?]

(Burning Sensation is a /fire scrapper, with Super Speed as a travel power. Valles put thermal shields on her.)

[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((Man, With all her effects going, Burning is almsot like a lightcycle. ^_^
[Team] Catchphrase:  (It's very easy to tell when you have a burning sensation.)
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((Especially easy to tell when a Burning Sensation is passing through. Big Grin))
[Team] Catchphrase:  (If there's bits of red mixed in with your yellow when you go to make long streaks, and there's a burning sensation...)
[Team] Gamma Emission:  [ooh, that's bad]
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((oooow....))
[Team] Amethysta of the Axe:  (OMW))
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [It's hard enough to go without a Burning Sensation!]
[Team] Catchphrase:  (No, if there's a burning sensation -when- hard, then there's a problem.)
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((FALLS OVER...))
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Burning Sensatin! IT's the real thing, baby!
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((You REALIZE... don't you, that you're going to make it impossible for me to fight, I'm laughing so hard... Tongue Big Grin
[Team] Catchphrase:  (There's nothing funny about a burning sensation. =( )
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Burning Sensation! It's the Right one, baby! Unh-hunh!]
[Team] Catchphrase:  (Or are you saying you can't fight because there's a burning sensation? =P )
[Team] Catchphrase:  (Please ask your physician if combat is right for you. =( )
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((---- Is utterly broken now....))
[Team] Catchphrase:  (Honestly, you need to realise...)
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((I think it's going to be required... Tongue))
[Team] Catchphrase:  (Atlant's toon is Burning Sensation. With a period.)
[Team] Catchphrase:  (So it's a very bad time to have a burning sensation. =( )
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Burnung Sensation. It's everywhere you want to be.]
[Team] Catchphrase:  (Well, that and, y'know, the fact it's 'Burning Sensation.'...
[Team] Catchphrase:  (Means that more than one person on Virtue has a burning sensation.)
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [...ohgod ACYL YOU UTTER FUCKING BASTARD! ^_^]
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [AAAGH.]
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  (( O_O... Honestly... I had NO idea that joke would go so very far...))
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [*. joke just penetrated*]
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [...]
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [...er.]
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [NOT LIKE THAT.]
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((SHATTERS))
[Team] Catchphrase:  (o/')
(Burning Sensation died, then ding-rezzed)

[Team] Gamma Emission:  [badly split]
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((WAit for it. I'm about to level anyway.))
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [Without the UBERSTUN, yeah.]
[Team] Catchphrase:  (So the burning sensation killed us all?)
[Team] Amethysta of the Axe:  Woohoo! Comeon you clanks!
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Burning Sensation: The choice of a new generation]
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((Well the Burning Sensation has been killed...))
[Team] Catchphrase:  ('s only temporary relief.)
[Team] Catchphrase:  (See? =( )
[Team] Catchphrase:  (The burning sensation is back.)
[Team] Gamma Emission:  [and it's back, stronger than before]
[Team] Gamma Emission:  [that's what you get for not completing your antibotics regimine Smile]
[Team] Catchphrase:  (Nah, the exposure just made it stronger.)


(Boss Fight: Long Tom)

[Team] Amethysta of the Axe:  Boss
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((PLEASE tell me someone is getting this chat for posterity. Err.....))
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  Oh! American Slang! Dope! Def! Keen!
[Team] Catchphrase:  So the Clockwork King's 'long tom' now has a burning sensation.
[Team] Catchphrase:  *nods soberly*
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((Er.. DAMN YOU ACYL... Now I can't even say posterity without laughing... Big Grin))
[Team] Amethysta of the Axe:  Think that up all by yourself, Catch?
[Team] Catchphrase:  I have a very talented writing staff.
[Team] Amethysta of the Axe:  You're paying them too much.
(Fox likes classic advertising slogans)
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Oh man, I'm having too mcu hfun repurposing OTHER ads atm]
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Burning Sensation. I'm lovin' it]
[Team] Catchphrase:  (Burning Sensation, it's finger lickin' good.)
[Team] Catchphrase:  (And if we're still on fast food... Burning Sensation: Have it your way!)
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  ["Have gun will travel" reads teh card of a man?]


[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((STAMINA! FULLY SLOTTED!!! YES!!!)
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Burning Sensation. IT keeps going and going and going...]
[Team] Gamma Emission:  [the burning sensation will last forever]
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((Damn your eyes, I'm getting high on the oxygen debt...))
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [A burning sensation in your chest?]
[Team] Amethysta of the Axe:  ((Could be in worse places))
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Burning sensation! From Wham-o!]


[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: hows the TF going?
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Swimmingly
[The Legendary]valles: It's a sensation! We're ON FIRE!
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: how long ago did you start?
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: At school crossings...
[The Legendary]valles: Who cares? BURRRRN!
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Please go slow...
[The Legendary]Acyl: Well, we have a thermal controller on our team, so yes, we are on fire.
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: let the little Shavers grow!
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Burning Sensation.
[The Legendary]Acyl: We all have a burning sensation.
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: ......
[The Legendary]Acyl: So don't go too fast, if you please. It might get worse.
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Yes athe 1952 Burning Sensation! It's LONG and LOW and LOVELY!
[The Legendary]valles: Remember to watch your dietary fiber intake.
[The Legendary]Atlantea: LOL
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: If I had my druthers, I'd rather have a Burning Sensation!
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: ........
[The Legendary]valles: ^_^
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: This is almost like a Liquidator Episode of Darkwing Duck Big Grin
[The Legendary]Atlantea: ((Oh that's not EVEN as bad as it's been all evening. I had NO IDEA that joke would go so far. ^_^ Tongue ))
[The Legendary]valles: Potty humor. You really should've.
[The Legendary]Atlantea: Point. Big Grin
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: wait... you've been makeing even worse jokes 0.0?
[The Legendary]Atlantea: Amazingly - yes. Big Grin
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Even better, we've been using old advertising slogans and making some REALLLY weird results
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: ....... i can't belive that
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Burning Sensation. "It's the real thing!"
[The Legendary]valles: Burning sensations make holes in teeth?
[The Legendary]valles: Oh god.
[The Legendary]valles: Burning sensation: Obey your thirst.
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: ......
[The Legendary]Atlantea: LOL
[Team] Amethysta of the Axe:  Ow.
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: WTF? O.O
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Soft Drink slogans here in the states
[The Legendary]Acyl: Burning Sensation: Tastes Great! Less filling!
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Burning Sensation: So round, so firm, so fully packed! So EASY on the SDRAW!
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: *twich* i thinks it's a good idae i didn't go on this TF, my mind would of broke
[The Legendary]valles: ...You win, fox. My brain, it is afire.
[The Legendary]Atlantea: Mine certainly is...
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: I know more old jingles. And in some cases even what the jingle was FOR!
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: Fox, he iz in your brans, breaking thems
[The Legendary]Acyl: Fox gives you head, and then a burning sensation.
[The Legendary]valles: He uses burning bombs wisely.
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Ceiling Fox watches you cogitate.
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: .... Acyl..... did you think before writeing that
[The Legendary]Acyl: I used my head.
[The Legendary]valles: Do you really want to know the answer to that, DS?
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: He's got ME laughing now
[The Legendary]valles: *is only smiling*
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: my brain, it is broke
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: See, I can take the ribbing here. I know folks don;t mean much harm
[The Legendary]valles: Bleach?
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: I'll take a leek spin Orihime, thanks
[The Legendary]Acyl: No, bleach won't stop the burning sensation. =(
[The Legendary]Atlantea: LOL
[The Legendary]Acyl: Seek proper medical treatment.
[The Legendary]valles: Well, bleach is a base, which should cancel out the acidic burning.
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: yeah, i doubt i could of survived the TF uncathed
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: *unscathed
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Yeshua, son of Joseph ri--- Yeshua, son of Joseph... at peace.


[The Legendary]Atlantea: Ah. So we are Task Force Cyclone.
[The Legendary]Atlantea: The Cyclone has a Burning Sensation within it.
[The Legendary]valles: As opposed to Task Force Volcano?
[The Legendary]Acyl: Tonight! A hurricane! TOUCH ME a hurricane! Fill me a hurricane! Give me burning sensa---oh wait no.
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: *head desk*
[The Legendary]Atlantea: *Starts humming a particular Johnny Cash tune*
[The Legendary]valles: Task Foce La Brea?


(Terrence returns from AFK)

[Team] Terrence Knight:  (Back BTW Smile)
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((Yay!)
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((Did he miss all the jokes BTW?))
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Me thinks so]
[Team] Catchphrase:  ('s ok we can spread the burning sensation.)
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Burining Sensation: A little Dab will do ya]
[Team] Terrence Knight:  (..I've read the chat log some)
[Team] Terrence Knight:  (My brain is currently being clensed in A Vat of Acid)
[Team] Terrence Knight:  (Melt away the Burning sensation)
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [Oh, that'll produce a -real- intense burning sensation.]
[Team] Terrence Knight:  (And with anyluck My brain will shrivel and die so I can get a new one)
[Team] Terrence Knight:  (or at least become Desensitized to burning sensations)
[Team] Gamma Emission:  [you can do that?]
[Team] Catchphrase:  (If you ignore the burning sensation long enough, it'll probably fall off. =( )
[Team] Terrence Knight:  (well..its only my brain. I'm not useing it)


[Team] Terrence Knight:  (I'm back and I haz Empowerment buffs to reinforce meh..! lol)
[Team] Catchphrase:  (Are Themaria's thermal shields not enough for you?)
[Team] Catchphrase:  (You want something more than the burning sensation? =( )
[Team] Terrence Knight:  (Yes...I want endurance drain resistance)
[Team] Terrence Knight:  (and increased recharge rate. And increased Runspeed and smashing resist)
[Team] Catchphrase:  (There you go. Wink
[Team] Catchphrase:  (Unfortunately, Kinetics does not have Pony Boost yet.)
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [D'awwww!]
[Team] Gamma Emission:  *snerk*
[Team] Catchphrase:  (But for everything else, there's burning sensa----wait.)
[Team] Gamma Emission:  [is that part of Demon summoning?]
[Team] Gamma Emission:  [summon. pony] hehe
[Team] Terrence Knight:  (Rofl!)
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Summon demon.pony]
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [oni.pony]
[Team] Catchphrase:  (Well, there is a nemesis warhorse unused model. Wink
[Team] Catchphrase:  (legend has it one of the devs summoned it on the test server when asked for a pony.)
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [wHy does it remain unused? They stunk at animating it?]
[Team] Catchphrase:  (Dunno...it has no legs, it hovers on four jets of fire.)
[Team] Catchphrase:  (I have a screencap...somewhere.)
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [Waiting for Just The Right Moment.]
[Team] Catchphrase:  (It's a Nemesis Pony.)
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Coming Storm TF would rock for it, no?]
[Team] Gamma Emission:  [nemesis pony: a trap]
[Team] Terrence Knight:  (Trojan Horse?)
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [It's all a Nemesis Plot.]
[Team] Catchphrase:  (a horse is a horse, of course, of course.)
[Team] Catchphrase:  (and nobody's heard of a steampunk horse.)
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [And no one can talk to a horse, of course]
[Team] Catchphrase:  (of course.)
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Unless it's a burning sensation!]


(Team prepares for Babbage spawn)

[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Bah AFk momentarily]
[Team] Catchphrase:  (Atlant's still AFK, I see.)
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [Potentially problematic.]
[Team] Catchphrase:  (hope the burning sensation doesn't get him.)
[Team] Terrence Knight:  (He's all Burnt out)

(Boss Fight: Babbage)

[Team] Burning Sensation.:  WOW! Who's draining Babbage?
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Elec BLaster!]
[Local] Amethysta of the Axe:  Thanks, Signy
[Local] Burning Sensation.:  Wow! Good drains on him!
[Local] Catchphrase:  Thanks, you two.
[Local] Gamma Emission:  Woo, thanks for the help everyone
[Local] Sould Blade:  Nice work!
[Local] Themaria Dist:  The laxative powers of a BURNING SENSATION!
[Local] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  Thank you for your efforts, champions of the proletariat!
[Local] Catchphrase:  Much appreciated, Blade, Signy.
[Local] Amethysta of the Axe:  And you Blade.
[Local] Burning Sensation.:  ((FALLS OVER))
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [...should I have put that in Team?]
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [^_^]
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((Oi...))


[The Legendary]Hexane: Wow, I wouldn't have thought we'd have been able to drain his end like that.
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Elec Blaster Big Grin
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: Nom?
[The Legendary]Acyl: He felt a burning sensation.


[The Legendary]Isawa Koi: Blarg.
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Allo
[The Legendary]Sweno: Hey Isa
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Koi! Wouldja like to take a surbvey sponsored by Burning Sensation.?
[The Legendary]Acyl: I'm sure he can spare a few minutes of his time for burning sensation.
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Do you like beans?
[The Legendary]Isawa Koi: *considers the question*
[The Legendary]Isawa Koi: ...
[The Legendary]Isawa Koi: *runs screaming into the night*
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Do you like George Wendt?
[The Legendary]valles: Who?
[The Legendary]Isawa Koi: Norm, from Cheers.
[Team] Terrence Knight:  Where is he? didn't see him
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Norm on "Cheers"
[The Legendary]Atlantea: I wonder where Gunther Wendt?
[The Legendary]valles: Ah.
[The Legendary]Z. Fox: Do you like beans AND George Wendt?


(Boss Fight: Clockwork King)

[Team] Terrence Knight:  ....
[Team] Gamma Emission:  [we're just that good Smile]
[Team] Catchphrase:  The burning sensation was too much for him.
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  Wow
[Team] Terrence Knight:  (i'm sorry...But what the hell was holding him the entire time?)
[Team] Gamma Emission:  [temp power you get for this mission]
[Team] Amethysta of the Axe:  Woo.
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((Awesome))
[Team] Terrence Knight:  (whats the point of Fighting an av that can't do anything? lol)
[Team] Amethysta of the Axe:  ((He drops fast when there's a radiation fender in the group.))
[Team] Catchphrase:  (and this is why you do not have the true tao of the farmer)
[Team] Themaria Dist:  [The point? THe long green.]
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Especially one knows what they're doing[
[Team] Terrence Knight:  (was kinda hopein for a bit more of an epic fight..or to at least take -some- damage?)


[Team] Terrence Knight:  (Sorry it just bugs me The clock king dropped without being able to do -anything- because of that hold from the temp lol)
[Team] CAPTAIN ALTITIS:  [Burning Sensation! Apply DIRECTLY to the FOREHEAD!]
[Team] Burning Sensation.:  ((LOLOL))


[The Legendary]Z. Fox: 3:444
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: TF over?
[The Legendary]Sweno: yup
[The Legendary]DarkSeraphim: yay
[The Legendary]Acyl: We could have been faster, but we had to go slowly due to the burning sensation.
-- Acyl

dark seraph

Halloween Kahn TF

[Team] Terrence Knight: Reichsman! Trick or Treat!
[Team] Purrfect Archer: We demand candy!
[Team] Gehirngeist: i see no candy, Egg HIM!

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