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dark seraph

Instead of trying (and failing) to write this part as one big story, I broke it down into snippets, each one focusing on an event from that week.
While probably not the best way to write a story, it was the only way i felt i could get it across with out needless padding or drawing scenes out to long, so here we are, counting down week by week till the day.
Atlas Park
Seraph residence
Week 6
Patti slowly made her way to the kitchen, it was late at night and Gir hadn’t come to bed yet. She entered the kitchen and stoped, blinking at the unfamiliar sight of Gir surrounded by a small forest of books, pamphlets and magazines, making notes on a near by scrap of paper.
Walking over she lent over Gir’s shoulder. “What are you doing there?”
Looking up Gir smiled and put her pen down and replied in a slightly tired tone. “Wedding plans, been up most of the night getting some details down.”
Patti looked over and slowly registered several note pads, each sprouting several book marks. “You planed the whole wedding?” she asked some what disbelieving as she picked one up and flipped through it, listings of prices for cakes, dresses and catering, all in some form of organised chaos.
Yawning Gir lent back and rested her head on Patti’s stomach. “Well yeah, it’s been over a year since you popped the question, so I started getting as much organised as I could.”
Looking down at the beaming face Patti could only stand there slack jaw, some how with out her noticing Gir had managed to organise damn near everything… all that was missing was the date…
As if reading her mind, Gir asked that very question. “Soooo, we got a date yet? It would make the invites a bit easier to do and that.”
Mind whirling, Patti spat out the first date to come to mind. “29 April.”
Grinning Gir pulled out her phone.
“Err… what are you doing?”
“Well, when I said I had almost everything ready, I meant it, just got to check for a chapel and that now.”
“But that stuff takes months to plan! The waiting list for churches is going to be huge!”
Grinning, Gir spun in her seat to face Patti. “Normally, but there’s not a single wedding going to be on that day. After all, who’s going to get married the same day that the crown prince of England is?” getting up she started dialing.
“Now I just got to make some calls.” She gave Patti a quick hug before walking out of the room. “Hey Jeena, it’s Gir… hee hee, I know it’s been a while but still want to be a brides maid?”
As Gir wandered off, Patti slowly sat at the table, her mind slowly wrapping around the fact that in a few weeks, she was going to get married.

“I think I need a drink…” muttering to her self, she made her way back to the bed room.

dark seraph

Week 5

The Legendary base.
Gir had let a few days pass since Patti set a date for the wedding before doing this, taking a deep breath she knocked on the door.
There was no reply, so after a few minutes she knocked again. “Helloooo? Anyone home?”
There was silence for a few seconds more, then a shout. “Doors unlocked.”
Opening the door, Gir stepped into the small apartment and was greeted by the sight of Neph, in only a pair of boxers as she was tearing into a boxing bag, the air around her cracking slightly as she stopped and turned to face her. “uh… hey, what do you want?”
Swallowing Gir stepped forward and was about to say something when she hear a snuffling by her feet. Looking down her face broke into a wide grin as she saw a small pug sniffer at her feet. Letting out a slight squeal she scooped the dog up and started to rub its belly. “Oh my god, Laz didn’t say you had a dog.”
Neph gave a slight snort as she grabbed a towel and draped it over her shoulders. “Yeah, but he sucks as a guard dog, just sits on the couch and looks at the door funny when some one comes around.” Dropping down onto the couch she lent back and rolled her neck. “So back to my original question, why are you here?”
Sitting down Gir sat the pug next to her and rubbed his belly. “Well... you do know I’m getting married on a month, right?”
“Weeeeell…” taking a breath she asked. “Will you be one of my bride’s maids?”
“What is it?"
Gir sat there blinking. “You don’t know?”
The other girl rolled her eyes. “You would be surprised the shit I don’t know.” Rolling her shoulders she hunched forward. “So what is a bride’s maid?”
“Well… normally you help me plan the wedding and all that… but I sort of already did that… so pretty much you stand by me on the day, cuz your one of my sisters and look pretty in your dress-”
Neph cut her off. “Dress?”
“Um… yeah, you know, it’s sort of traditional that bridesmaids wear them…” she trailed off as Neph glared at her.
“Give me one good reason why I should say yes."
Thinking, she remembered what Laz had told her to try and win Neph over. “Well… your invitation says you and one guest, so maybe Light would like to come along and see you looking all pretty and stuff?”
Crossing her fingers, Gir watched as the gears turned in Neph’s head, hopping she would say yes.
Eventually the larger girl spoke. “And all I have to do is stand around in a dress?”
“Well… there might be some paper work, signing that you witnessed it.”
Rubbing her chin, Neph looked at her. “Your evil, you know that?” Standing up, she walked over. “But I guess I can do it. You are family so it be rude not to… and Laz would give me ten kinds of crap if I didn’t.”
Grinning madly Gir leapt up and pulled Neph into a bone crushing hug. “Thank you thank you thank you.”
“Geh… squeeze any tighter and you’ll snap my spin damn it.”
“Oh, sorry.” Gir let her down carful and smiled. “Thanks again sis, we’ll be getting the fitting done in a few weeks at the Icon in steel, kays?”
Neph nodded as Gir gave her another quick hug. “Later then sis, still got things to plan.” She shouted as she headed out.  Closing the door behind herself, she pulled out a notepad and checked off a box. “Now… to get a chapel.”

Light:I sense doom encroaching upon me.
That or the 5:15 outa Baltimore....
Hear that thunder rolling till it seems to split the sky?
That's every ship in Grayson's Navy taking up the cry-

-- "No Quarter", by Echo's Children

dark seraph

Terrenceknight Wrote:Light:I sense doom encroaching upon me.
lol, it's only Neph in a Dress, whast the worst that can happen? >Big Grin

dark seraph Wrote:lol, it's only Neph in a Dress, whast the worst that can happen? >Big Grin
Neph walks into a room and sexy drums begin to play...
   Neph: When I find that sonic blaster, heads will roll! >Sad
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll

dark seraph

Seraph residence

Week 4
Lady Nogitsune entered the Seraph residence, smiling as she was greeted by his eldest daughter. “Greetings Lazuren-chan.” She gave a slight bow as the taller girl fidgeted slightly
Laz returned the bow before speaking. “Hello Lady Nogi, this is a bit of a surprise, um… welcome I guess.” Stepping to one side she tried to keep her face calm. “Um… follow me please.”
Looking around she examined the décor as she followed the Laz down a hallway, curious as to why Seraph had asked to speak to her. Normally such a thing would be done at the legendary base or some such, but for him to invite her into his home…
After a while Laz lead her to a large iron bound wooden door, something that looked more at home in a gothic castle than a rather modern pent house. Laz placed a hand on it and with a slight push, swung it open. “here you go… um..” the taller girl edged away, causing Nogi to smile as she realized the poor girl was doing her best not to run like a scared rabbit.
Stepping into the room she spotted Seraph sitting on the floor, a small tea set by him as he nodded to her. She chuckled lightly as she walked up and knelt across from him. “Seraph-kun, such formality, it is some what unexpected, but this one appreciates it.”
He nodded and poured her a cup. “Would you care for some tea?”
“This one could not possibly impose on your hospitality in such a way.”
“Are you sure? I have plenty.”
“Your offer is most kind, but this one is ashamed to have put you in such a predicament.”
“It is no trouble at all, Chiyuki-no-Mori-no-Mae."
Smiling she tilted her head slightly. “Very well, but only because you insist, Seraph-kun.”
He bowed and her cup. “You are welcome my lady.” He bowed his head as she took the cup and sipped. “I guess I should get to point as to why I asked you over.”
Nogi nodded. “This one some what curious, no member of the Legendary has ever invited one into their home before.” she grinned impishly. “Are your intentions pure Seraph-Kun.” She batted her eye lashes and repressed a giggles as his face colored slightly.
Coughing, he quickly regained his composer. “Actually I wanted to talk to you about Gir’s wedding, she did give you an invite, correct?”
She nodded and produced said invitation. “This one is a little vexed, seeing as it falls upon the date of another wedding this one was asked to attend.”
He gave a slight chuckle. “What are the odds, huh?” Sipping his tea his face grew serious. “But now to business, I invited you here to ask for a favor. If it is possible, I would like to place you in charge of security for the wedding.”
Quirking an eyebrow, she smiled. “And why would you be needing this ones assistance with security?”
Putting his cup down he looked at her. “Do you know a man by the name of Dib Membrain?”
“I am aware of him.”
“Are you aware that a little over a year ago, he kidnapped Gir and tried to rip information from her?”
Pausing, she lowered her cup “No... this one was not aware of such a thing.”
“We saved her and saw him die… but when Neph came along…” closing his eyes he took a breath before continuing. “She revealed he was still alive and I wouldn’t put it past him to try something at the wedding.”
She smiled. “This one would hate your daughters wedding to be spoiled.” Bowing, she smiled. “Her wedding will be protected Seraph-Kun, you have my word.”
Letting out a sigh of relief, Seraph bowed deeply to her. “Thank you.”
A mischievous grin spread across her face as she lent forward. “And payment for one’s aid?”

“Karaoke night as usual?”
“Oh, such a skilled negotiator Seraph-kun.”


but one thing I'm left to wonder: have we seen any snipits of karaoke night, and why Nogi would think it payment?
"so listen up boy, or pornography starring your mother will be the second worst thing to happen to you today"
TF2: Spy

dark seraph

Quote:[b]sweno wrote:[/b]

but one thing I'm left to wonder: have we seen any snipits of karaoke night, and why Nogi would think it payment?
I can answer that easly.
1: not yet
2: Nogi damn near blew out one of DS's ear drums out when he let slip he knows a good Karaoke bar in Paragon, so yeah, drinking and watching DS trying sing is worth it in the blackmail materiel alone. Tongue

Well, Considering that Nogi's Karaoke selections are more like ...


or this:

Does that make you feel better about karaoke? Wink
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll

dark seraph

Steel Canyon Icon

Week 3
Gir carefully flipped through a catalogue as Serge entered, a slightly worried look on his face. “Excuse me ma’am, but we seem to be having some problems.”
Looking up she sighed and put the catalogue to one side. “Whats wrong?”
“We are having trouble with two of your brides maids, your sister and cousin… they… aren’t quite… built for the dresses we have on hand.”
Getting up she followed him to the fitting rooms where Neph and Alicia were sitting at the center of the room, Neph looking like she was about break something with Alicia’s face was crimson with embarrassment. Both the girls dresses were some what shredded and I quickly became apparent why.
Both were rather well built, Alicia more so than Neph. This sadly meant that their form hugging dresses appeared to have almost exploded by the simple act of walking.
Neph looked up and growled. “Do I have to wear this shit? It’s fucking stupid.”
Gir looked to Alicia for support, the girl was to busy picking bits of her dress from the bony ridges that covered her tail. “Eh… sorry, my tail and wings keep catching and tearing…”
Shoulders slumping, she looked to Serge. “Is there anyone not having trouble with their dresses.” She asked, her voice bordering on whining.
Jeena Malso stepped out and did a quick spin, her dress fitting her wiry frame rather well as she walked over to Gir. “Mine fits like a glove… or body glove… same diff.” She clapped slightly, making a clang as her large clunky cyber hands banged together.
Neph roller her eyes and snorted. “Look, there’s a reason I don’t do dresses, I can’t move properly, How they hell can I fight if it feels like some one’s duct taped my legs?”
Gir waved her hands. “You’re not meant to fight, it’s a wedding, you dance, eat and have fun… with out breaking stuffs!”
“Can I at least get something that is some what more durable? I feel I’m wearing tissue paper or some shit.”
Jeena stepped over and taped Gir’s shoulder. “Why not make them out of that stuff they use for super hero costumes, you know, that weave stuff?”
Gir turned to Serge. “Can you make a dress out of Impervium weave?”
Serge taped his chin for a moment. “No, such a cloth would be far to course, it would not breathe and the fabric would be to stiff.” He looked thoughtful for a few seconds. “But we do have a new form of microweave… it may work… but it won’t be cheep.”
Looking to the brides maids, Gir pulled out a black credit card and smirked. “Lucky I never spent any of my Vanguard hazard pay, huh?”
Serge smiled as he handed her over several cloth styles. “I think that will cover it perfectly.”


hehe, frills and lace are no match for super heroes!
Did you pick up the wedding booster pack? and if so are there plans for a edited group photo?
[or should I stop giving you ideas, and go back to dealing with my own Smile]
"so listen up boy, or pornography starring your mother will be the second worst thing to happen to you today"
TF2: Spy

dark seraph

A group photo would be hard to do, seeing as i play the bride and two of the brides maids, while the maid of honor is no longer playing the game. (that and the wedding booster is nice, none of the dresses are long enought.)
but I might draw something for you all. Smile

You could do it with the ... ah, brain blank ... the recording thingy feature that the folks (like Samuraiko) who make COH videos use. You wouldn't have to play them online simultaneously with that.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.

It's REALLY fiddly to try to work up, and you'd need to at least get a bunch of us online to at least line up like you want the final shot to look like... plus side, a couple of MMs should be able to fix the numbers problem for ya easy.
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll
Actualy the plan I was thinking of would require a camera person (to not move) and just logging in and out of various characters. Then stitching the screenshots together in a gimp/photoshop.

Alternately you can email a few costume files around and have a few of us stand in.

But I'll just shut up now and try to work on my own projects Smile
"so listen up boy, or pornography starring your mother will be the second worst thing to happen to you today"
TF2: Spy

dark seraph

ohh, all very nice ideas... but I think I'll stick with the drawing.

Like I said, can't really get half the costumes I want in game (like gowns and ankle length dresses damn it >.

dark seraph

Week 2

Seraphs residence
Patti walked in the door, grumbling as she ran a hand through soot stained hair. Ever since preparations for the wedding had started she had felt nervous. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to get married, she loved Gir and wanted this more than anything else…
But now they had set a date, she could feel all those doubts and views from her home dimension starting to bubble back up. Grumbling she made her way into the kitchen where she saw Seraph, and Nam, comforting a crying Gir.
“What’s wrong?” she asked, pulling up a seat.
Looking up Gir blinked the tears out of her eyes. “I… I called around again and again… but there’s not a single church, chapel or cathedral in town that isn’t booked solid for mooooonth.” She ended in a wail before burying her head back in her arms.
Seraph sighed. “And we can’t use a park or anything because it’s deemed to big of a target for any praetorian terrorist that managed to sneak in during the raids…”
Feeling a mix of guilt and relief, Patti kept her face neutral as she replied. “So this means we have to hold off till a later date?”
Nam cleared his throat. “Actually, when I heard poor Gir’s problem, I went to check something out that may help.”
He pulled out a Map out Founder’s Fall and laid it on the table. “There’s a Shinto shrine on the edge here.” His finger taped the paper. “It’s owned by this old guy, but he lets his granddaughter run most of the day to day duties.”
Gir raised her head, blinking her tears away. “But… we don’t have a priest.”
“I’m a Shinto priest, I could perform a marriage.”  Grinning he stood up and held out his hands. “Mawwige, a symbol of twu wuv.”
Seraph suppressed a giggle as Nam started quoting the princess bride while Gir’s face lit up, letting out a high pitch squeal she threw herself at Nam in a bone crushing hug, repeating the words “Thank you” in one breathless cry.
Patti felt happy, but at the same time felt the ball of worry forming in her gut, a shrine on the edge of town… gods only knew how many ways it could go wrong…
Almost as if reading her mind, Seraph stepped over. “Gir, while you fix the arrangements for this with Nam, it okay if me and Patti head out for a drink?”
Nodding happily Gir started chatting as Seraph nodded to Patti. “I’ll be down in the lobby while you get changed, kay?”
Patti nodded slightly and headed off to her and Gir’s room, wondering what Seraph was planning.
- - -
Mc Fininans

Atlas Park
Seraph sat down at the table and placed a beer in front of Patti as he took a sip from his pint glass. “Ah, nothing like a Guinness.” Putting the glass down, he looked over to her. “So, feeling the nerves, huh?”

She looked like she was about to protest, then slowly nodded. “Yeah, I’m feeling nervous…  I mean, think of all that can go wrong… and on top of that, we are in a war with another dimension. Is it really the time to have a wedding?”
He paused and gave her a long look. “Patti, wouldn’t you say that now is the perfect time for such a thing?” He took a sip and continued. “A light of hope and cheer in one of our darkest hours?”
She blinked. “Was that badly butchered Churchill?”
“Nah, something a little newer and some what silly.”
She toyed with her glass. “True… but .” she paused, trying to find the right words. “We’re at war… with this going on…"
“There is more than enough hero’s in the city Patti, it’s not like Statesman is taking the day off to go fishing now is it?” He paused. “Wait, that’s it isn’t it, this has to do with what things were like back in your world, right?”
She had told Seraph about what her world was like, the views they had, the Patriots status there and everything else. “Well… yes.” She looked down at her drink, chewing her lip. “Back home this sort of thing would never happen… but now in less than a few weeks, I’m getting hitched… it scares me if I’m honest.”
“There is nothing to fear, but fear it’s self.”
“Actually heard it from an odd little chap I met when traveling through Brittan, I think he was a doctor or professor of some sort, but that’s beside the point. You’re scared because everything will change, right?”
Her eyes narrowed as she glared at him. “You’re pushing it.” She warned.
“I know, now if I was my sister, I would worm and pick till I found out the full story… but luckily, I’m not that stupid. You’ll want to talk about it and you will do so in your own time.” He let back sipping his beer.  “Just remember, my door is always open.”

 Keep it up DS I wants moar!
I have a suggestion/idea.
I already have a costume file ready for Cyberman 8 that has Pete in a Tux. Two of them in fact. One is the regular Tuxedo, and the other used the "Wedding Pack" Tux.
I could send that costume file to you for use in a demorecord if you like.
And the suggestion is this - could we all do that? Or - if there are those of us who are without the wedding pack - could you send a regular costume file with your characters standard look - to be modified by someone who -does- have the wedding pack? Then you could have a full set of groomsmen and bridesmaids for the wedding.

dark seraph

Week one

Seraph residence.
Patti sat in the kitchen with Gir and nervously looked over at the woman on the other side of the table. She was the one that had been handling a majority of the wedding planning, a slight feeling of unease as she looked over again at her future aunt.
Sera Seraph.
The woman that was working out the last few kinks out of the whole thing.
To be honest, it was all Patti could do to stop her self from freaking out as Gir waffled on about seating arrangements, dinner plans and flower arrangements. After a bit Sera coughed lightly and spoke. “Gir sweetie, is it okay if I talk to Patti for a bit, I want to ask her about some of the details for the stags night.”
Nodding, Gir picked up several sheets of paper and skipped out of the room, waiting a few seconds Sera turned to Patti. “Okay, you are practically radiating fear, unease and doubt, what’s wrong?”
Sighing Patti indicated the paperwork. “It’s too… Big.”
“Care to elaborate?”
Heading over to the fridge, she got herself a beer and turned back. “It’s over the top, the guest list is massive… I don’t feel like I’ve had anything to do with this at all…”
“Then why haven’t you said anything?”
Patti paused. “I… huh?”
“If I complained she would just stare at me with those big puppy dog eyes and than I would of felt bad for ruining it for her and then it would spread and everyone would-”
Sera lent over and placed a hand on her mouth, cutting her off mid rant. “Patti dear, that is the largest load of bull shit I have ever heard, you got such a bad case of cold feet even I am feeling a chill.”
Patti spluttered as Sera smirked and removed her hand. “You love Gir more than anything else, a blind man could see that much.” Stealing Patti’s beer she popped the cap off and took a sip. “But you seem overly reluctant to take the last step, how long do you think you can hold off before it starts to hurt her?”
Patti glared at the other woman, trying to think of something to say.
Sera took another sip of the beer before continuing. “Now you could sit around putting on a happy face while you stew and become bitter on the inside, feeling left out and ignored… or
you can sit down with your wife to be and talk about what you want. After it’s as much your big day as hers.”
“But I didn’t want it big, I wanted Gir, myself and maybe a handful of family, not this trumped up circus she’s making it.”
“And only now you voice this opinion, at the eleventh hour?”
Patti grumbled and got her self a second beer. “You called BS on my last reason, what else can I say besides this is not what I wanted?”
The elfish woman stroked her chin. “To late to change it… so I guess you have to just grin and bare it?”
She sat down as Sera called Gir back in, as the short girl entered, she looked to Patti and her face fell slightly. “Is… is something wrong?”
Letting out a sigh, Patti looked to Sera, then Gir. “Um… about the wedding… um… I was wondering… can we possibly make it a bit smaller?” Biting her lip, she half expected Gir to look miserable, but was rather surprised when the short girl let out a sigh of relief.
“I was hoping to talk to you about it sooner, but with you being so busy of late I was worried I wouldn’t get to get any of your advice on the whole thing. I know it sort of got to big… but um… fifty or so guests isn’t to bad is it?”
Patti felt a slight feeling of shock, she wasn’t expecting Gir to start apologizing over how big it got.
Gir continued. “I sort of wanted to keep it quiet… but then I also wanted our best friends to be there… along with people that have helped shape my life into what it is today, um… I hope that’s okay...” she looked a little sheepishly at her, for a moment erasing all of Patti’s worries.
Gir gave a nervous grin. “Um…there’s just one tiny itsy bitty little problem.”
And there was the worry again.

“I know you were in charge of picking the groomsmen Patti… but now Nam is the priest, so we are a groomsman down… um… who are we pairing Neph with?”
A slight smile pulled at her face as she slowly turned to Sera. “I can think of a guy.”
Sera mirrored her grin, mischief glittering in her amber eyes. “I think I know who you have in mind there… and he is a friend of the family.”
Gir looked between them. “Who are you talking about?”
Sera whispered the name into Gir’s ear, causing her to grin widely. “Oooooh this could be interesting.”

dark seraph

**pulled for editing**

ragity -> raggedy

all shall be reviled -> (I presume) all shall be revealed [to revile is to effectively turn one's nose up in disgust at something]
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll
And while it is Gir, it should be Suite, not Sweet.

Still, for everyone hoping to put their oars in, nicely done when the only commentary is a few rogue synonyms

Oh. Wait... It should just be the Garter, not a garter BELT. Garter goes around one leg, belt goes around the waist
Hear that thunder rolling till it seems to split the sky?
That's every ship in Grayson's Navy taking up the cry-

-- "No Quarter", by Echo's Children

dark seraph

Balme Microsoft word, it gives me the the speeling that it thinks is corect, not the one that actuly is.

and at 2 in the morning, who was I to argue with it Tongue

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