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Verizon sells Tumblr
Verizon sells Tumblr
So, a couple months ago, after making the counter-intuitive discovery that your traffic (and anticipated revenues) drop like a rock if you ban the content that draws most of your traffic and make your biggest communities unwelcome while crowing about how you're going to turn fandoms and social movements into corporate profit engines, Verizon started shopping around for someone to take the albatross that they turned Tumblr into off of their hands.

Today it was announced that they've sold Tumblr to Automattic Inc., the owners of Wordpress, for what amounts to a fraction of a penny on the dollar. (Tumblr was valued at one point at US$1.1 billion; while an exact amount hasn't been announced, it's been confirmed that Automattic paid something under three million.)

Sadly, Automattic says it has no plans to undo Verizon's censorship regime (not that they really risk losing money by not doing so), so you'll still have to cope with Tumblr's censorbots catching you perverts when you try to post pictures of bread, bare feet, pre-Cambrian lifeforms, semi-precious stones and other pornographic material.
-- Bob

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