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  (music) Be Legendary by Pop Evil
Posted by: classicdrogn - Yesterday, 09:08 PM - Forum: The Legendary - No Replies

It fits, so I sits.


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  Weird & Interesting science, take 2
Posted by: robkelk - 12-03-2022, 11:04 AM - Forum: General Chatter - No Replies

Previous thread is previous

Apparently, "giant sun dogs" doesn't refer to a D&D monster type. The photos are still interesting, though, and there's enough description as to why it happens to elevate the article to at least pop-sci level.

Giant sun dogs light up the sky as temperatures drop in Prince George

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  Proposed style guide
Posted by: robkelk - 12-01-2022, 01:52 PM - Forum: There's Nothing Better - No Replies

Since it came up at this week's writers' chat, here's the start of a style guide for this project.

In no particular order:

  • American spellings in multiple-writer stories
  • Third-person viewpoint in multiple-writer stories

We didn't work out very much of a style this week... Smile

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  [WH40K] Darktide Launches Tomorrow...
Posted by: Dartz - 11-29-2022, 06:44 PM - Forum: The Legendary - Replies (1)

Released tomorrow, I've been playing through the Open Beta of this this last week and having a blast. You, and three friends (Or randomers from the internet) against a vast swarm of 'zombies', a little like Left 4 Dead but with fire, explosions, two-handed chainswords and fully-automatic rocket-prepelled grenade launches. 4 classes - from a Military Veteran, a Psyker, a Zealot preacher and a big friendly Ogryn - with some customiseability along the way.

Probably the best thing about it are the environments - from the ship you're based on, to the detailed realisations of the Hive City (of about 70-90 billion people constructed over 10-millenia plus as a layer cake of city upon city ) where your missions are based, it gives the 41st Millenium a depth of weight and feeling that's been missing. Take a moment to look around and realise how vast spaces are - and that that is a spaceship several kilometres long parked in the distance - or that you're still Technically Indoors, with a ceiling kilometres above. Or that you're having a full blown way in the cty's depths while far above, life carries on as normal....

The second best thing are the weapons - which range from the effective (The humble lasgun is no mere flashlight but makes mincemeat of anything unarmoured) to the outright brutal. Boltguns especially have an impact befiting the fluff - blasting hordes apart, or cutting people in half with a two-handed eviscerator chainsword.

There're the usual microtransactions for fancy outfits and the like, but I haven't had to dabble in them yet.

So far - I've been playing a Zealot Preacher with a crazy scottish accent. And 'Tiny' - the largest Ogryn possible in the game.

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  Happy Thanksgiving
Posted by: Bob Schroeck - 11-24-2022, 07:20 AM - Forum: General Chatter - Replies (3)

In a few free minutes between preparing to head to my mother-in-law's house, let me just wish forum members in the United States a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  (Potential spoilers)A song to run away from: Tot Musica, by Ada (One Piece Film: Red)
Posted by: Jorlem - 11-22-2022, 07:36 PM - Forum: The Game Everyone Loves To Play - No Replies

This contains potential spoilers for One Piece Film: Red.

I'm including the Amalee cover, as I consider it to be semi-official, as she was the English VA for Uta (the character singing the song in the movie, though the songs were not dubbed), and she is using the official sub lyrics in her cover.

Note that some of the lyrics are in Elder Futhark.

Source, with Japanese lyrics.

When the song begins to play, all within range will hear. Soundproof barriers will break. Noise cancelling headphones will fail. Muted transmissions will sing forth regardless. This song cannot stop, cannot be stopped, until it has run its course. 

When this self-proclaimed Song of Ruin activates Doug's gift, he will be consumed by negative emotions, and become a nigh-invulnerable demon of vengeance. When this song has ended, there is no waiting period, no rest needed before it may be called upon once more, instead exacting a mounting toll on Doug's stamina for each time it is played.

Tot Musica wants to be heard.

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  Meta-song buff: New Genesis, by Ada (One Piece Film: Red)
Posted by: Jorlem - 11-22-2022, 07:06 PM - Forum: The Game Everyone Loves To Play - No Replies

I'm including the Amalee cover, as I consider it to be semi-official, as she was the English VA for Uta (the character singing the song in the movie, though the songs were not dubbed), and she is using the official sub lyrics in her cover.

Source, with the Japanese lyrics.

I see this song as a meta-song, improving the effects of the next song used, so long as that song is one that causes changes or transformations in the world (that is, not personal shapeshifting or similar), and that Doug truly believes said changes would improve the world. This song would improve the changes caused by the affected song, boosting, range, durability against disruption, and permanence, while also lending the changes made an impression of "too good to be true." The larger the changes the boosted song would have made without the boost, the bigger the boost will be.

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  An unlucky couple of days
Posted by: classicdrogn - 11-21-2022, 11:11 PM - Forum: General Chatter - Replies (1)

* Dad rolled off the bed yesterday, and we had a job getting him unstuck and back upright. No injuries there, but it made for a sleepless night.
* A thump and rattle inthe chimney heralded it acting as f almstor completely blocked, meaning jst one little electric heater to keep the chill off on the coldest night and day so far this year
* While sitting under an electric blanket at the computer, the video suudden[y cut out. All signs so far poit to the graphics card having died, but I don't have a good one to test with. Currently using a decade old, third hand Android tablet for internet access, which holds a charge for aroud ten minutes if taken off the usb cable
* Upon gettingbup to investigate the sudden lack of video, discovered the ablanket had put burns across my toes and ankle, which I did not notice happening and still only sense as an odd tingle even knowing they're there.
* dropped two sets of bandages trying to get the damn thing wrapped up to prevent abrading it and getting shoe scudge in the burns. Keeping burns sterile is really impoetant, so those bandages had to go in the trash.
* have an appointment tomrrow but it's only for getting blood drawn, at an office in the opposite direction from e clinic where they do emergency room stuff. I predict a long and annoyng day trying to get it looked at.
* GDMF onscreen keyboard is my nemesis, and I lack the patience to fix all these typos
* also, it'scold hanging my arms out of the (not electric) blankets

The forum i not a blog, yes, but I really just had to complain a bit. Aplogies for wasting yourtime.I'll likely regret postinh at all after getting some sleep, assuming wory about why I didn't notice and now growing pain in my foot lets me sleep aall.




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  mental healing/endurance: My Redenption by Halestorm
Posted by: classicdrogn - 11-19-2022, 04:24 AM - Forum: The Game Everyone Loves To Play - No Replies


Could have a physical effect as well or instead, but this sounds much more like a willpower booster to me. Doug himself probably doesn't need it often, but it could be very useful for crowd management in a disaster relief or rebellion/resistance situation where normal civilians have to grit their teeth and keep going or it all gets worse.

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  "you could be better" - Terrible Things by Halestorm
Posted by: classicdrogn - 11-19-2022, 04:14 AM - Forum: The Game Everyone Loves To Play - No Replies


It's not strong enough to cal mind control, it won't turn an enemy into an ally or stop a riot, and a truly irredeemable monster will just laugh it off... but if Doug can get a target or a group inside is AoE to stop and think for a moment, having this playing will give them an extra nudge toward their better nature. It's a far more subtle effect than most would expect from him, but if anything even more effective for it.

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