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  Scandinavia and the World - "Fact Cards"
Posted by: robkelk - 4 hours ago - Forum: General Chatter - No Replies

Community-created factoids of varying degree of usefulness and niftyness, with usefulness usually taking the back seat. The collection can be seen here.

Facts about the Fact Cards, which I might turn into a continuing series:

"All British battle tanks since 1945 are equipped with tea making facilities." It took almost a year for a commenter to make a Girls und Panzer reference.

"Written by Icelandic composer Jón Leifs in 1964, the piece called Hekla, Op 52, requires four sets of rocks hit with hammers, steel plates, anvils, sirens, cannons and metal chains to play." Plenty of links provided by commenters, but I think this one might be the only sheet music. Go on, I dare you to try to play it.

"Several countries have in the past banned ruling queens, but lacked any requirement that the king be male. This led to King Anna of Poland, and King Mary of Hungary. " Also "King" Hedwig of Poland, in case you ever wondered where that particular name came from.

"Godzilla has official Japanese citizenship." Oops, no. Godzilla has a special residency certificate, which is not quite the same thing.

"There's only one country between Norway and North Korea." Depending on which route you take... but yes, this is true.

"Switzerland accidentally invaded Liechtenstein... More than once." Apparently, Liechtenstein didn't even notice the third Swiss invasion.

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  Once you've upgraded Firefox to version 102...
Posted by: robkelk - 5 hours ago - Forum: General Chatter - No Replies

... make sure your Protection Settings are set to "Strict". This will implement the new Enhanced Tracking Protection features.

Here's how to do that, and why to do that. At a minimum, some URLs will get shorter and thus easier to copy-and-paste.

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  New "Sailor Moon"-Inspired J-Pop Group Premieres
Posted by: Bob Schroeck - 06-28-2022, 03:03 PM - Forum: Drunkard's Walk S: Heart of Steel - No Replies

"SG5" ("Sailor Guardians 5") is their name, and they're deliberately modeling themselves on the Inner Senshi, judging from the deliberately obscured image with that Rolling Stone article. They also have Naoko Takeuchi's blessing (but you know, given how she's okay even with extreme Sailor Moon lemon fics, that probably wasn't hard to get).

The group will make their first official appearance next week at Los Angeles' Anime Expo, at which point we'll actually get to see what they look (and sound) like.

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  Happy Birthday, Bob!
Posted by: robkelk - 06-28-2022, 07:24 AM - Forum: General Chatter - Replies (12)

Hope it's a good one, and that you have many more.

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  GURPS 4E at Bundle of Holding
Posted by: Inquisitive Raven - 06-27-2022, 07:22 PM - Forum: General Chatter - No Replies

For the next twenty-one days, Bundle of Holding is offering a bundle of GURPS 4e supplements plus the Basic Set (I don't know where my hardcovers of the Basic Set are hiding, so I'll take the pdfs). The supplements include guides for creating character templates and adapting your favorite setting to GURPS, and the add-on bundle contains various tech books and GURPS Mass Combat.

There are also a couple of (mostly) system-neutral bundles currently running, a map collection and a set of campaign planners.

Ten percent of the proceeds goes to Covid relief.

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  It's That Time of Year Again, Again...
Posted by: Bob Schroeck - 06-27-2022, 12:59 PM - Forum: General Chatter - Replies (3)

... the time for our annual week with family on Long Beach Island.  Between July 2 and July 9, we'll be staying at our usual beach house (this one).  This year, like most years, we'll be in the top two floors.  Last year, we were in the ground floor, thanks to a screwup with the reservations six months earlier.  (Amusingly, the Google Street View car came around while we were there last year -- if you go around the corner, you can see our car, Peg's brother's car, and her mother's car, left-to-right, in the ground floor parking area. EDIT: and if you go the other way, you can spot two of my brothers-in-law and my mother-in-law on the lower deck.)

Anyway, the place has high-speed internet, so you probably won't notice any difference in my presence online. But it's become habit/tradition for me to let folks know, even though the warning is unnecessary these days.

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  [OOC][Proposal] Naming story threads
Posted by: robkelk - 06-26-2022, 04:43 PM - Forum: There's Nothing Better - Replies (3)

A thought: Once we get past the retconning and start posting stories here again, instead of naming stories here with the name format "[IC][Story][Arc #] Storyname", we name them with the name format "[IC][Story][YYYY-MM-DD] Storyname", with YYYY-MM-DD being the in-universe day that the story starts.

(For example, the retconned version of the existing "[IC][Story][Arc 1] House Call" would be called "[IC][Story][2016-10-11] House Call".)

That way, we can decide after the fact that Arc 2 starts on 201#-##-##, Arc 3 starts on 20##-##-##, Arc 4 starts on 20##-##-##, Arc 5 starts on 20##-##-##, Arc 6 (if we go that far) starts on 20##-##-##, and so on, and not need to worry ahead of time about which stories go in which arcs.

It would also make sorting the stories into reading order much easier.

On the other hand, it would require every story to have its own title - no more dumping the works into a single story thread - and sometimes I can't name a story to save my own life.

Do others like this idea, am I way off-base here, or do folks have another idea that's better than this one?

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  ITF Solo reports for Dren
Posted by: Foxboy - 06-26-2022, 02:01 AM - Forum: The Legendary - Replies (1)


A recap of a solo ITF for Dren dunno if there's a build included or not, but this is how you get to the guy who's doing the solos on every AT in the game

Also all 111 MM builds!


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  Another EU nation says it's illegal to use Google Analytics
Posted by: robkelk - 06-25-2022, 07:51 AM - Forum: General Chatter - No Replies

/me ponders whether to start this in General or Politics, flips a coin

Italy follows the lead of Austria and France, rules that sending data to Google Analytics in the US is a violation of the GDPR.

Mainly because any data that crosses the USA border can be examined by the NSA.

Quote:It's almost as if sending the data of EU citizens out for processing in the US, where intelligence services can get their hands on it, is a bad thing.

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  Mini-game: Super Planet Crash
Posted by: robkelk - 06-25-2022, 07:29 AM - Forum: General Chatter - Replies (3)

Can be played here

The goal is to create a Solar System that survives for 1000 years. Good luck.

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