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  Aaaand, I'm in the hospital...
Posted by: Dragonflight - 48 minutes ago - Forum: General Chatter - Replies (1)

It seems I have significant degradation of the kidneys. Currently they've taken a ton of blood, and done an ultrasound. For the moment, I'm on a restricted diet, and just biding my time. They say it isn't in end-stage yet, and if they can stop the slide there's no knowing how much I'll recover. Lots of gray here. So for the moment, I just stay here and wait for more information.

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  Florida Criminalizes Protesting
Posted by: Labster - Today, 12:40 AM - Forum: Politics and Other Fun - Replies (6)

Just signed yesterday was HB1 in the lesser state of Florida, the strongest anti-rioting, pro-law enforcement bill ever passed in America.  It has all kinds of fun effects:

* Anyone arrested for protesting cannot be granted bail until they personally appear in court, meaning a minimum overnight stay.
* Three or more people protesting and engaging in "disorderly conduct", legally qualifies as a "riot".
* Anyone convicted of rioting, now a third-degree felony, faces up to five years in prison and automatically loses their right to vote.
* Anyone protesting in a street is guilty of aggravated rioting, if they impede the progress of a vehicle in any way.
* Any vehicle driver who hits a protester is immune from prosecution for assault or even murder as a result of their driving.
* Municipalities are liable for any damage or injury caused in protests if they allow a protest to get violent.
* Municipalities cannot legally reduce funding for law enforcement agencies without special dispensation from the Governor.
* Defacing a Confederate monument will earn you 10 years in prison.
* Flordians vow to not end up like Portland, and make good on their vow.
* Florida now moves right above to Xinjiang in my list of fav vacation spots.

Have a few news sources: Rolling Stone; CBS News; NPR

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  Looking for screen shots
Posted by: Bob Schroeck - Yesterday, 08:35 AM - Forum: The Legendary - Replies (2)

Hey, people.  I'm looking for a good image to use on the new Mirror Mook trope at All The Tropes, and I was just wondering if anyone had a screen shot of one of the clone missions or that one mission that ends with the shadow copy of the party in the basement of Paragon City Hall that they'd be willing to share.


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  New Issue released on Homecoming Servers.
Posted by: Terrenceknight - 04-20-2021, 01:48 PM - Forum: The Legendary - Replies (3)


These patch notes will be worth looking into for most people who play since it'll touch upon just bout every character someone has due to travel powers being tweaked and allowed to work together, a number of changes to travel power pools and the such. Check em out!

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  Maybe we're ready to get rid of Thatcherite small government?
Posted by: robkelk - 04-20-2021, 12:32 PM - Forum: Politics and Other Fun - No Replies

CBC Analysis: With one budget, Freeland overturned 3 decades of political orthodoxy

Quote:Most members of Parliament grew up in a political culture that embraced the Reagan-Thatcher school of low taxes, light regulation and small government. Thanks to the pandemic — and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland's new budget — that era arguably came to an end this week.

This is as good a time to find out as any - Canada currently has a minority government, and if enough other political parties don't like this, the budget will be voted down which automatically launches an election to be held no later than 65 days after the budget doesn't pass. And if that happens, you can bet that this'll be the big election issue, at least to begin with.

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Photo Images 16: Sweet Sixteen
Posted by: robkelk - 04-18-2021, 03:31 PM - Forum: General Chatter - Replies (18)

Old thread is old.

David Orias shows us that, with a slow shutter speed and a pan, you can photograph the rainbow in a wave.


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  Portal?: Rock & Roll Heaven by The Pretty Reckless
Posted by: classicdrogn - 04-18-2021, 11:22 AM - Forum: The Game Everyone Loves To Play - Replies (1)

It's definitely got some very strong "travel by/wit, with, or for music and make it even if you didn't expect to" themes. The question of course, is where it goes. Best case, back to AMS/OMB, the worst cases though...


Maybe it could be used in the BtVS step to contact someone dead and ask if they want to be brought back, or to be left in peace? Arriving in S06 means that it's smack in the middle of Willow's worst headstrong magic use/abuse stage.

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  Threeboot is now slightly more marginally possible than previously.
Posted by: STMPD - 04-16-2021, 08:21 PM - Forum: Drunkard's Walk II: Robot's Rules of Order - Replies (1)

AIC Rights, the holding company with the rights to BGC, now has 'joint ownership' of the IP with anime megajuggernaut Toei.

- Joint ownership my ass. AIC hasn't had the money to do anything but half-assed Tenchi since 2015. This is Toei basically buying the IPs they wanted (Tenchi, Megazone, Zeorymer, BGC).

- They didn't take everything. El-Hazard was part of an AIC crowdfunding proposition, maybe a reboot could slosh around in the Big Isekai Money Pool for a time - but they didn't take that. Then again, more money probably went to the Megazone continuation than that, and they bought Megazone, so I assume they grabbed these IP's explicitly with rebooting them in mind. I doubt AIC is really in a position to negotiate terms and demand they take joint ownership of truly stupid properties AIC has, right? (Or maybe they did, Dangaioh is in there for some reason.)

- 2040 began and ended, and was co-produced with the now defunct ADV films, so a continuation of 2040 is out I think (thank GOD). And a continuation of 2032 would be difficult to say the least. Toshimichi Suzuki's dead; Shinji Aramaki's Production IG elite; Kenichi Sonoda's juggling time between running his family candy business and polishing up his Riding Bean OVA; Michie Tomizawa couldn't even be pried out of retirement to re-voice Rei in Sailor Moon Crystal so there's no chance in hell they could get her back for a continuation... and does anyone in Japan actually have any idea how 2032 was supposed to end? Or are those records lost to time, like tears in rain?

-So: Toei has money, has the rights to BGC, probably snatched the rights up with an eye toward an out-and-out threeboot. It's not impossible in light of various cyberpunk anime being planned: Blade Runner Black Lotus, Trigger's CP2077 anime, Ghost in the Shell 2045... but, wait, that last one wasn't actually good.

- Oh god. Given the present state of anime nowadays, the odds are that this hypothetical threeboot could be bad. Think: The last licensed BGC product was that fucking light novel where it rebooted the Sabers as schoolgirls. They could do that, in some blind effort to pursue the popularity of other LN franchises or whatever. Questions about whether cyberpunk is still a good backdrop to chart new worlds in sci-fi are irrelevant, BGC never aspired to that. So it could fail either for slavishly adoring the most boring parts of cyberpunk-y stuff, or for ignoring cyberpunk stuff in favor of, I dunno, doing isekai? Or making Priss a contemporary idoru? Oh god. Love Live Crisis. Love Live Crisis: The Gacha Game.

I don't know what to think anymore. I'm freaking out here. My mind is awash with rainbow iridescent possibilities or whatever the hell the guy said in Blazing Saddles.

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  Crossovers That Should Not Be 25 - A Quarter-Century of Bad Ideas
Posted by: robkelk - 04-15-2021, 05:56 PM - Forum: Other People's Fanfiction - Replies (12)

Previous thread is previous

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... the Sailor Team:
  • Usagi "Hannibal" Tsukino, who loves it when a youma plan falls apart;
  • Rei "Face" Hino, the one with that memorable smile;
  • Makoto "M.K." Kino, the team's muscle, who has a fear of flying; and
  • "Howlin' Mad" Minako Aino
Oh, and that recurring character who used her brains instead of her brawn... what was her name, again... Ami?

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  not quite healing: One Less Day (Dying Young) by Rob Thomas
Posted by: classicdrogn - 04-12-2021, 11:48 AM - Forum: The Game Everyone Loves To Play - Replies (1)


While not a healing song per se, this one could keep someone's condition from getting worse despite poison or bleeding that would otherwise see them rapidly fading. I don't know, maybe that ground is already covered by Madonna's Die Another Day? Alternately, playing this song every day since he found it might be how Doug is not aging on the Walk...

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