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  We have a new BGC Discord server!
Posted by: STMPD - 9 hours ago - Forum: Drunkard's Walk II: Robot's Rules of Order - No Replies

I know, I know, you're thinking 'we had an old BGC Discord? What will they think of next?' Well... we did.

A bit ago the admin accidentally got his account hacked, and DM'd me demanding I set up a new server. He scuttled the old one about 45 minutes after that, and I tried to bring as many of that server's regulars on board, but as-is our numbers are a little slim. So I'm asking you all if, as fans of Crisis, you would like to join. The old server was good fun, it was where a lot of younger fanfiction writers (such as myself) cut their teeth on the franchise, so I'm hoping to maintain that spirit. Bridge generations and whatnot.

Here's the invite. It does not expire.

(And yes, I did check with Bob before I did this, don't worry about it...)

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  Old fenspace writer finding you all again
Posted by: Dani Tseng - 10 hours ago - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

Welp, hey all, writer formerly known as KJ here, from Mal's crew.  A bit of water over the dam since I was around obviously... started professional career, got married, had a kid, some other stuff.  And found you all again!

So anyway, hiya.

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  Waddles back.
Posted by: Dark Seraph - Yesterday, 01:46 AM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (1)

I return after 12 years to expose you to my horrid English skills.
Nah don't worry, I'm mainly contained to The Legendary.

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  A day in the life of Theta
Posted by: Dark Seraph - 02-28-2024, 11:57 PM - Forum: The Legendary - Replies (2)

With a beep, Medical Unit Theta awoke from sleep mode, her mind slowly processing to see if anything happened to her form during the night, a left over paranoid habit from her time in Preatoria, as all checks came back green, she opened her eyes and carefully unplugged her charger, before yawning and stretching.

It had been two busy weeks since she left Preatoria.... And technically jumped more than ten years into the future, so many things to do and learn.... But now she had an apartment, a pet Guinea pig and a job, what more could she want? Maybe a girlfriend, but baby steps for now.

As she moved around the apartment, getting dressed and getting breakfast, she hummed to her self.... She did not need to eat, but she enjoyed the texture of food and it could fuel her in a pinch. Finishing up, she gave fluffy the guinea pig a head pat and headed out to her job.

She always enjoyed the walk I to work, King's Row was so different from Peatorian, instead of cream walls it was brick work for the most part, cars putted along the dirty streets, gangers watched from the shadows... It was more dangerous than her home demension, but at the same time more alive. She carefully side stepped some primal earth Clockwork stealing what looked like some sort of music device. She marveled at them, unlike her sleek, humanoid clockwork self, these things where primitive, scrap metal hammered together by psionic will, fascinating.

She eventually made it to the King's Row medical facility and clocked in, met by her coworker Cleo, a black skinned giantess of a woman with glowing eyes who worked the ER. "Hey Theta, got some bad news for ya."

Theta looked up and frowned. "This unit is no longer needed?" She asked with her usual verbal tick of being unable to refer to herself in the first person.

"What? No girl, you got day clinic today... So be good and try not to kill anyone?" She handed Theta a folder.
The clockwork took it and opened it, reading through it. She knew many of her fellow employees hated the day clinic, but had no idea why.

By lunch time, she knew.

She stomped into the lunch room, looked at the disinfectant by the sink and started scrubbing her face with it.
"That bad?" Cleo asked, daintily eating a tiny yoghurt.

Theta threw up her arms. "This unit had four cases of "it's just a cold." That was obviously the seasonal flu, one claiming it was a smokers cough after near coughing out a lung in the waiting room, who knows how many he infected!" She drops into a chair and let's out a sigh like a boiling kettle. "She does not understand why they wait so long for help."

Cleo shrugged. "Sad thing, even though the day clinic is free, many expect the traditional American price gouge... Take it things where better where you came from?"

Theta grumps. "The only work this unit has to do was on the occasion work place injury, which was rare because 90% of the workforce was clockworks."

Cleo reaches over and pats Theta's shoulder. "How about I make it up to you, the girls are having a night out, wanna come?"

Theta thought about this.... She did not have many friends in Paragon.... This could lead to more friends. "This unit would like to.... If she has not offlined herself by the end of the day."

That night Theta was given a girls night out, drinking, dancing, seeing the sights and again marvelling at how different primal earth was from Preatoria, getting home late and a little wobbly after Cleo showed her a drink made to get mechanoids drunk, Theta carefully picked up Fluffy and patted him. "This unit is so sorry, she had so much fun tonight, but left you all alone."

The guinea pig made a werking noise as she gently placed him on the couch and quickly got him some food, changing into a baggy shirt, she sat next to him and turned on the tv to watch crime dramas, another thing Preatoria lacked, television shows with conflict. She passed the evening, patting Fluffy as he ate and watching CSI Paragon reruns until finally putting Fluffy back in his cage, striping down and climbing into bed, plunging in her charger.

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  Peg and I had lunch in an anime today...
Posted by: Bob Schroeck - 02-25-2024, 06:25 PM - Forum: General Chatter - Replies (7)


Actually, McDonald's is doing an anime-themed promotion in conjunction with Studio Pierrot. But it was a fun surprise when I saw the cup they gave me. (The characters running along the side of the logo, according to Google Translate, read "Wak Donalds".)

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  Kick ALL the Starters, Part III: Fund ALL the Crowds!
Posted by: Mamorien - 02-20-2024, 10:51 PM - Forum: General Chatter - Replies (1)

We rolled over to page 13 without quite noticing, so I'm starting a new thread, and implementing the title change I proposed a while back. And just in time, because this campaign is on Crowdfunding by BackerKit!

Onyx Path Wrote:The Age of Man is long over. Cats – uplifted from our clever feline companions to use tools and language – now rule the world. In the Monarchies of Mau, cats study relics the Old Ones left behind to create new wonders, expand their understanding of the world, and combat the monsters and minions of the Unseen that threaten catkind. Curious cats explore ruins and set sail on the Acid Sea, or participate in games of intrigue against other houses, the dogs of Pugmire, and other rival species.

The world is full of mysteries and dangers, which excellent cats are eager to face.

Welcome to The Curious Cats of Mau. This book details the lives of the cats in the city-states that make up the Monarchies of Mau as they explore the world, plan daring heists and feats of intrigue, learn what they can about the Old Ones, and pounce on the sinister entities called the Unseen. You’ll need Realms of Pugmire to play this game and learn more about the dogs of Pugmire, who have sometimes been the cats’ allies, and often been their rivals.

The cats of the monarchies believe that the Old Ones served them, and the cats’ ancestors granted Man great responsibilities as a reward. Though no one knows what happened to the Old Ones, they left many wonders behind to help the cats in their endeavors. Adventurous cats explore ancient ruins, hoping to discover artifacts they can study — sometimes by breaking them apart to discover how they work.

Several decades ago, the formidable Trillani Persian von Mau united the monarchies at a time when conflict threatened to tear catkind apart. With her clearheaded leadership, she guided the great houses as they worked together, and eventually helped bring about an end to the War of Dogs and Cats. Trillani died recently, and her successor (Threnody von Mau) struggles to keep the hard-earned peace. Cats are expert at schemes and spycraft, and secrets are power. Some plot against other houses, while others seek to renew hostilities between the monarchies and Pugmire. Meanwhile, the threat of the Unseen is ever-present, waiting to strike should the cats’ vigilance waver.

Will you be an excellent cat?


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  The new Seraph's
Posted by: Dark Seraph - 02-17-2024, 12:55 PM - Forum: The Legendary - Replies (15)

Soooo, *cracks fingers*, the Seraph's in Paragon city... Let's do this.
Seraph is a man in his late thirties from Australia, he came to Paragon after his fiance ditched him when their daughter suffered birth defects, resulting in stunted limbs, heart broken, Seraph took his daughter Neph and traveled the world, looking for aid and ended up in Paragon where doctors fitted the young Neph with cybernetic limbs, it was pricey so Seraph opened a magical workshop to pay his daughters bills.

As they grew, Neph felt some what bitter her birth mother left her and needeled Seraph to try his luck in a new pond, this lead Seraph to a speed dating service where he met the hero Tish Fuego and they clicked, yin and yang, a well noted hero with powers over fire and speed, Tish found Seraph a good anchor while he found her a fresh breath of air, a spunky personality.
Seraph settled to be a stay at home father, working out of his shop while Tish was the bread earner, a system that worked well for them and Neph reluctantly warmed to this new mother figure.

Years later, Seraph and Tish married, but Tish opted to keep her maiden name.

Time passed and one day Seraph caught a street urchin trying to break into his store, rather than report the girl, he took her in and to Tish's initial reluctance, adopted the would be thief named Caroline.

Fast forward to today, Tish has been taking it light on the heroing, so the rest of the Seraph's stepped up to fill the gap, with some hiccups like Neph getting yanked into Pretoria's past to help mend the time line, but other wise all is good.

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  I haven't been on a forum in, like, a decade
Posted by: RadiantGV - 02-15-2024, 07:32 AM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (10)

Hi there! my name is RadiantGV. I have been playing video games for thirty years, and writing fanfiction for over half that time. I'm a transgender woman, I prefer she/they pronouns, and I was introduced to this forum via the Tropes page for "My Apartment Manager is Not An Isekai Character", which I'm rapidly growing in love with on AO3.

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  MCU Fantastic Four Cast Announced
Posted by: Bob Schroeck - 02-14-2024, 02:14 PM - Forum: General Chatter - Replies (1)

Article here, with embedded pic and logo

For those who don't want to bother clicking the link and just want the lowdown: Pedro Pascal as Mister Fantastic, Vanessa Kirby as Invisible Woman, Ebon Moss-Bachrach as The Thing, and Joseph Quinn as Human Torch.

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  Not-quite-203x ADPolice Interceptor as a transformer
Posted by: classicdrogn - 02-14-2024, 07:29 AM - Forum: Drunkard's Walk II: Robot's Rules of Order - No Replies

Thanks to being the biggest and first commonly available part of Drunkard's Walk BGC has a special place for a lot of the people on these boards, so I figured I'd mention this here - the new Transformers Earthspark toy being sold under the name "Prowl" is actually a repainted Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures Hot Rod, which means it's got almost the exact profile of the ADP car Leon an Daley drive in the early episodes (It gets wrecked by the Griffon IIRC, and the replacements are far more econobox.)

So, while it's more white with blue quarter-panels than the on-screen blue with white below a "belly line" and of course has Aurtobot logos instead of ADP, it is at least plausibly close, to the point it can do double duty as a BGC toy on your desk, and who'd have expected that after all this time?

[Image: S4JWNPg.png]
[Image: 81RxfPvikoL._AC_SL1500_.jpg]
Amazon USA listing

Earthspark, like BBCA before it, is a "semi-budget" subline, but this was one of the better BBCA molds so it can still stand up with the average War For Cybertron (Siege|Earthrise|Kingdom) or TF Legacy (adjectiveless|Evo|United) Deluxe despite the lower price point, so at $20 MSRP he's already a good deal and if you find him for less I'd call it a priority buy if you're thinking about getting toys at all.

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