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All The Tropes Wiki Project, Part XX
RE: All The Tropes Wiki Project, Part XX
(06-13-2021, 02:12 PM)robkelk Wrote: Let's see how far this new user pushes the envelope.

The phrasing of the request for information is ... unusual, to say the least. But at least he's being honest up-front.

I provided a response to that, hope it's sufficient.

As for my take on the topic at hand, it's fair to say a LOT of World War II's history wasn't just written by the winners, but also the losers who sucked up to the winners. For example, a lot of Wehrmacht surviving officers pinned a lot of their own screwups on Hitler's corpse and tried to whitewash themselves as being innocent of war crimes, infamously known as the "clean Wehrmacht" premise, even though that's an oxymoron since the Nazis forced the Wehrmacht to pledge loyalty to Hitler and thus were accomplices by default, even if only as passive observers.

Insofar as any discussion of historical events on our wiki takes place within pointing out what was actually true and using that to improve our articles so we can better contrast the fiction that mines those historical events, then I'm all for this, TV Tropes does have a tendency to accept a single black and white narrative and mob against anyone who dares suggest the situation was a varying shade of grey.

Tag me in if any edits on historical topics do start edging into potential BS territory, this is my specialty, I can do the legwork and clear that up.

Edit: I think our new friend here may have come off badly with how they phrased things. Historians are expected to revise their data once new information arises. Initially, Albert Speer was considered the only relatively decent man among the Nazis, but evidence discovered soon after the initial belief in such (including Speer's own whitewash of an autobiography) got revised when documentary evidence his claims to have avoided knowledge of the Holocaust were utter bollocks came out, since documents proving his construction projects benefited from concentration camp labor under his own aegis surfaced proved he was lying through his teeth on that score.

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