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All The Tropes Wiki Project, Part XX
RE: All The Tropes Wiki Project, Part XX
Changing gears to ATT business, I think I can save Rob Kelk a lot of tedious hassle.

I know he has a MASSIVE list of images to properly tag with templates and categories, and unless it will not admit any delay, he can just send me a huge plain text document (in either UTF-8 or ANSI formatting) of each category of images needing what tags (just a list of pagenames starting with "File:" in order, no spaces or numbering), and I can feed that into Gethbot and mark them all up in one shot, confirmed the latest AutoWikiBrowser version syncs fine to Miraheze's MediaWiki API, recently ran a bot job to clean up the disambiguation pages to remove some redundant markup the templates had already added.

As for the images needing deleted, that is possible to do by Gethbot, but is likely better done by hand.

If Rob still wants to do that all by hand, fair enough, but if he'd like to save a bit more time to do other things, Gethbot is ready to automate the work in question.

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