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A small idea for the Danelaw...
A small idea for the Danelaw...
I'm throwing this out for someone to take and run with if they want, because I'm still working on the Subversive Literature Act at the moment and I'm afraid I'll forget about this if I don't.
This isn't intended as something big, but maybe it can be a future story seed:  environmentalists on earth complaining about the Venus and Mars terraforming projects destroying the "natural beauty" of both those planets.  While I'm personally very much in favor of environmentalism as a whole, I am aware of the lunatics out on the far edge, and it only seems appropriate that we have a few even more extreme types in Fenspace, who can't be bothered -- or are too scared -- to go into space themselves, but have no problems criticizing things the Fen are doing with inhospitable planets on the ideological grounds that humans have no right to do anything but eat, breathe and shit -- and maybe not even that much.
I figure we can have a little fun lampooning the extremists with even-more-extreme extremists.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.

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