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open-ish character in need of more detail
open-ish character in need of more detail
I happened to turn up an old /tg/ thread archived from 2013, and noticed a character that just screamed of Fenspace.

[Image: 1373227642674.jpg]
>System: Shadowrun
>Concept: Ex-russian go-fast Gunbunny/Smuggler
>stats: load every skill point into Pilot (ground and aircraft), Assault rifles, Etiquette: Street and Mechanics. Knowledge skills are mostly smuggling-oriented with some gambling thrown in for good measure.

This is her Sukhoi. There are many like it, but this one is hers. She bought it from the state when she resigned from the air force. It was due for retirement to pay for new aircraft and tanks anyway, and she saved it from the scrapheap, or worse, being sold to some eastern european pig-farmer state.
Now, she flies for fun and for pleasure. She keeps it on her farm, where she tills the earth and grows a variety of crops of varying legalities to help pay for the fuel, using her Sukhoi to deliver some of the less-legal products.
Her favorite pastime is setting off east german speed cameras. It's expensive and dangerous, but there's nothing like getting mailed a shot of your afterburners, with an estimated speed in mach numbers.
This is her sukhoi. There are many like it, but this one is hers.
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