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Crew Call. DBF
Crew Call. DBF
from: Captain@Ciara.Fen
to: [All-call.Jobs]
Sent: 27/11/2023

Subj: [Situations Vacant] Crew required for deep atmospheric cruiser.

In liason with the Venus Terraforming roject, we are proud to annouce with we have recently completed purchase of the ROCS Hai-Pao, a former Balao-class submarine.

Yes. We intentionally bought an 80 year old ship. But her engines were in good conditions, and the hull has a strong mmemetic resonance for pressure tolerance. Early surveys have indicated a high memetic suitability for these operations.

SL Roin will be refit for spaceflight operations, with an expected launch-date in early May.

She is intended to be used to service surface installations on Venus as the terraforming project ramps up, as well as deep-atmospheric cargo operations and research work in the gas-giants. She will retain combat refit capability as per GJ reserve requirements. We have already been contracted to accompany next year's Soviet deep space expedition.

We require crew able and willing to work in cramped quarters, without external visual aids and under high pressure. Being a fan of Das Boot or Down Periscope will be considered an advantage. As will experience with diesel engines or diesel electric transmissions, echolocation and 3D Maneuvering.

Please respond to this email with your C.V., one character reference, and the answer to the following question

What does DBF normally stand for?

Is Mise Le Meas
Raymond Garrat
Captain. SL Macha.

Since we have a fleet, does that technically make me an Admiral?
--m(^0^)m-- Wot, no sig?

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