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Camelot Legend
Camelot Legend
I haven't read Gurps Camelot, but I have a friend who delved into the orignal story. I can't recall it all, but I do remeber the highlights
I'm not sure how close GURPS Camelot is to this.
BTW if you don't want the legend of Camelot to be ruined for you, read no further.

Here we go:
First off there was no round table or table round. The French mistranslated a word. The proper translation is Knights of the Tower Round.
The knights stood in these small round towers dotting the countryside and watched for trouble.
King Artus(not Arthur) Pendragon was a loyal vassal king to the Roman Empire. When the call went out to the various kings, he was the only one who responded. Camelot is where the Roman Empire stored knowledge. Any stories saying that Artus/Arthur fought the Roman Empire is about as trustworthy as Cary Sherman saying that musicians are getting paid fairly for their work. I THINK Camelot was in southern England(I'm not sure)
The Dryad legend and how it relates to Camelot. There was a Celtic cult(members included Nimue, Morgan Le Fay, Merlin) that had a nasty punishment for women who broke the rules. The cultists would go to a tree and remove a part of the trunk. They would hollow the tree out, without killing the tree and then put the criminal(woman) inside the hollow(still alive). They then put the piece of trunk back on and sealed it up. A living prision. Easy to see where the Dryad legend comes from. This was usually reserved for women. Merlin is the only man that it was used upon.
The Weapons of the Armada: The Stone, The Sword, The Cauldron, The Spear
Like the Ark of the Covenant, they did exist. Where they came from is up for debate. Merlin took/stole the Sword of the Armada and gave it to King Artus. Stealing one of the major holy artifacts of your own cult is a no-no.
The Cauldron of the Armada is a bowl, a cup, a grail. A holy grail. I think you can get what's going on with this.
The Spear of the Armada has been called the Lance of Longlius or Spear of Destiny
What is a Frenchman doing in a Celtic war story? Lancelot du Lac the first Self Insert Character. ^_^
Let's kick the name out and put the guy back together. Lancelot du Lac and King Pellinor: Knight of the Questing Beast is the same person. His castle is on the shores of Loch Ness.
The Warrior Queen Gwenwyfar who pretty much ruled most of England at the time. The so-called love affair between Pellinor and Gwynwyfar wasn't for love. It was a political move on Pellinor's part. Celtic rule: Whoever sleeps in her bed, rules her land.
So much for French Romanticism.
I should have asked about Modred and Morgan Le Faye and confirmed or denied my hunch about the real reason they were invading Camelot. Not to conquer the lands but to get the Cauldron and the Sword back
Tom Mathews aka Disruptor

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