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Level 2 Author LFT
Level 2 Author LFT
I am notorious for coming up with big ideas and not following through, or starting projects and not finishing. So, I'm looking for collaborators for a few good story ideas.
  • The One and a Half Doctors: A QL-DW crossover that I described yesterday in Crossovers That Should Not Be, but have decided it should.
  • Untitled QL story: Part 1: Sam fails at whatever it is he's supposed to do and leaps out once the failure is complete. Part two: He has leaped into someone else in the same time and place to try again. So there are two Sams operating in the same setting, and their separate attempts to right the wrong get in each other's way. Some events from the first try are changed while others seem to have been muddled by "Sam II" in the first place, being left deliberately ambiguous; the timey-wimey stuff is extra wibbly-wobbly. Part 3: The two Sams figure out what's happening and start working together. The solution to the problem is one that could never have been pulled by one leaper alone.
  • QL alternate timeline - Sam gets home. Two story sequence.
    1. Introduction: Start with the first episode sequence where Gushy calls Al to say that Sam is leaping and Al tells the girl with him in the convertible "Hang on, beautiful." Continue from there with dialog about how it's not like Sam to be so reckless and what could have made him do it? Main story: Not long after visiting Beth, perhaps immediately after, Sam leaps into Sam the day before he first leaped out. Holo-Al and future-Ziggy tell Sam that all he has to do is not leap when he originally did and he'll end up coming home like he'd never left. He starts to go along, but sees signs of the good he's done - Donna is his wife and at the project, Sammy Joe Fuller, someone has a picture of Jackie Kennedy, Al and Beth are together - and decides to go through with the leap. Holo-Al tells him that Ziggy can't predict what would happen if Sam re-leaps while on a leap. Sam says "Well I know. Things will go a little ca-ca." Meanwhile, solid-Al and the rest of the team are going about business as usual. Al's three daughters are home. The oldest and youngest are married with three kids between them and all are gathered for the middle one's wedding in a couple of days. When Sam begins the leap and Gushy calls solid-Al, the conversation is almost identical to the first time, but Al is having dinner at home with the whole family; he gets up to leave giving the bride a kiss on the cheek and telling her "Hang on, Beautiful."
    2. Immediately following: Sam is on a fairly "routine" leap, one of two bodyguards or cops or secret service or something protecting some VIP who is going to die. Meanwhile, back at the mountain, Al is ready to retire and Ziggy is getting some major upgrades, both to the electronics and the wetware; she is going to have more donated brain matter installed from Al's replacement as the observer. Ziggy has determined that Sammy Joe is the most compatible choice; Donna is jealous, as neither of them knows the real reason for the choice. Once the upgrades are complete, Sammy Joe begins to "remember" things from alternate versions of history that only Al, Ziggy, and (sometimes) Sam know. Meanwhile, back on the leap, none of us is surprised to learn that the other body guard is the murderer. He kills Sam first with some kind of cliff hanger moment (maybe literally.) Sam leaps out at the moment of death, leaving the real guard dead in his own time and (meanwhile back at the mountain) Sam dead in the accelerator. He is moved to the floor in the control room where there is much wailing. That's when Sammy Joe "remembers" that Sam is her father. Donna somehow knows it too, so in just a moment of eye contact and understanding all is forgiven between them. But Sammy Joe will not accept the unfairness. How can this great man be her father without her knowing it until his death? She won't stand for it. She steps into the accelerator and leaps into the other guard. She pulls Sam up from the cliff edge (or whatever) so the VIP and everyone lives. They both leap out. Meanwhile, back at-you know- Sam's body disappears from the floor (blue and white sparks and all) and Sam appears alive and well in the accelerator. Sammy Joe does not return. Sam sends Al off to enjoy retirement, and goes to the imaging chamber to be the observer for Sammy Joe's next leap, and all the many more to come.

I've got more, but I'm tired of typing on my tablet, so that'll do for now.
 -- Joe
                 Hate is the only enemy

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