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Another first for the new boards...
Another first for the new boards...
...our first attempt by a spammer to register.

I think everyone here will agree that one of the advantages of having a community with some 15 years' history behind it is that (at least at this stage in the life of the new site) everyone here is familiar, and everyone who is likely to register in the short run will be from the increasingly small group of those who haven't caught up to the move yet.

Also, most everyone who hangs out here has a handle, or just uses their real name.

So when I see a registration request from someone who uses an email as their username, and that name is unfamiliar, I'm immediately suspicious.  Fortunately the registration approval screen includes IP addresses, so I grabbed theirs and plugged it into the IP Check feature over at  Yup, sure enough, an IP used by a known spammer.  Just to be sure, I searched on the address itself, "", and discovered that Chrissie there is a polyglot linguist with an amazingly broad range of interests, judging by the boards she's signed up for all over the world in the last couple months.

Sorry, Chrissie, we're just not capable of sustaining discourse at the level to which you are clearly accustomed.  For your own good, you understand, I must deny you access to the DW Forums.
-- Bob

I have been Roland, Beowulf, Achilles, Gilgamesh, Clark Kent, Mary Sue, DJ Croft, Skysaber.  I have been 
called a hundred names and will be called a thousand more before the sun grows dim and cold....

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