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What does "OCS" stand for?
What does "OCS" stand for?
At the moment, "Ontario Crane Service", "Ontario Construction Secretariat", and "Ontario Council of Shooters".

Oh, and "Ontario Cannabis Store", once it becomes legal to sell marijuana in Canada later this year.

Please don't mix up Ontario Crane Service and Ontario Cannabis Store - they provide two completely different ways to get high. Smile

EDIT: Hmmmmm... Ontario Council of Shooters and Ontario Cannabis Store... We need to come up with a possible recreational-drug-related name that backronyms to "NRA".
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RE: What does "OCS" stand for?
Don't look at me... I think in terms of "orbital control system" or "Officer Candidate School"
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RE: What does "OCS" stand for?
I'm pretty sure that when I was in grad school, it was "Office of Computer Science."
RE: What does "OCS" stand for?
Operational Combat Series, a set of wargames by Multi-Man Publishing (who rescued ASL from the trashbin of history).
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