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It must be nice to have money
RE: It must be nice to have money
I figured it out this way.

What I burn in fuel I'll get back in future beachfront property values when the caps finally let go and flood the place.

I love the smell of rotaries in the morning. You know one time, I got to work early, before the rush hour. I walked through the empty carpark, I didn't see one bloody Prius or Golf. And that smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole carpark, smelled like.... ....speed.

One day they're going to ban them.
RE: It must be nice to have money
I drive a Fiat 500T and get usually 40 to 45 mpg, filled up today for 34 dollars at 9.5 gallons US. Cost per gallon was something like 3.45 a gallon for premium with tax
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