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Crowdsourcing something fun
RE: Crowdsourcing something fun
For Psychostick, they've got a lot of fun stuff, but my favourites are Obey the Beard (also my headcanon Armsmaster theme song,) This Is Not A Song, It's a Sandwich, and Sadface :(
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RE: Crowdsourcing something fun
Gah. It's a "YouTube is blocked" day at work today. Gonna have to wait until I get home to listen, because I also forgot to bring my cellphone to work. (For the first time in, like, forever.)
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RE: Crowdsourcing something fun
Going in another direction entirely, I think the various songs written by Mercedes Lackey deserve consideration. Not just the various songs from/about Velgarth, but songs like "Eumenides", "Jirel of Jorey", and "Signy Mallory". "Of Cabbages" deserves special mention as well ("I grow the best damn cabbages you ever hope to see, and once upon a moonstruck night I watched the dancing Sidhe.").

EDIT: Forgot to mention "Minus Ten and Counting", the lyrics of which were also written by Lackey.

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