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[Gazeteer] Dark Tourism in Fenspace
[Gazeteer] Dark Tourism in Fenspace
There's already a page for Tourism in Fenspace, but what about the darker sides of tourism....

Who are the places and people running tours to these places, and where exactly are they?

And, more importantly, which ones are Illegal more difficult for the would-be thanatourist to visit


While the majority of the nargle-field was subjected to BDZ by the Warsies, the main station was buried deep inside the original asteroid and too difficult and dengrous to outright destroy.
The majority of the equipment has either been destroyed by fighting, dismantled and gutted for security, or research purposes.

There're remenants of the accomodation blocks, including the Church of Santa Muerte, some of the original Pre-Boskone equipment and the luxury 'masters' residences were the station overlords lived.

While a small museum has been built containing salvaged artifiacts found over the intervening years - weapons, thionite production equipment, deceased berserkers, and Boskone artifacts including a statue of Santa Muerte in Venusian diamond.

However, the majority of the station is much as it'd been left by Great Justice in 2013- even after a decade.

A small guard keeps watch over the station - originally to watch for surviving Boskone horrors, but now in a more ceremonial roll.

Access to the station is off the beaten track - and it requires a skilled pilot to make the journey through the nargle field, but it's not otherwise illegal or unwelcome.

It is, after all, important that such places are remembered.

The SS Destiny Nova

The SS Destiny Nova[ is the last surviving Boskone 'Barbary Class' cruiser and one of only two former Boskone vessels that've survived to modern era.

She was captured by the Panzer Kunst Gruppe in the course of a mission on 16 Psyche, stripped for intelligence then placed into the service of Great Justice as a stop-gap.

She was placed in the museum as its founding exhibit after being refitted mostly back to her original Boskone configuration - or a facsimile thereof. Figurines play the role of crewmembers and prisoners.

The forward crew berths have been configured as an exhibit to her days as a Great Justice vessel, and her achievements.

Frigga 77, home of the worst nuclear accident in Fenspace.

Sort of an unofficial reason to visit, but one that swings between a nuisance that gets in the way, and lethally dangerous.

The radioactive areas are immediately lethal. But that hasn't stopped the curious. Thus far, most have been stopped by the isolation doors.

The Ruins of Crystal Osaka

Off Limits as a Gravesite, except for permitted researchers, former residents, and surface engineers monitoring the degradation of the city. It is next to impossible to get a lawful permit to visit the ruins.

A few have managed to make it without getting arrested.

But it's risky. The ruins are actively patrolled by the SAM - originally by the survivors of the City Guard. So long as the ruins stand, so does the Osaka guard.

Looters are ruthlessly prosecuted. That hasn't stopped illicit city artifacts finding their way onto the dark web.

And that's without getting into how utterly inimical to life the surface of Venus is.

I love the smell of rotaries in the morning. You know one time, I got to work early, before the rush hour. I walked through the empty carpark, I didn't see one bloody Prius or Golf. And that smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole carpark, smelled like.... ....speed.

One day they're going to ban them.
RE: [Gazeteer] Dark Tourism in Fenspace
And if Noah Scott, Leda Swansen-Scott, or Yayoi Fujisawa hear anyone aboard Stellvia breathe even a hint of a desire to visit Crystal Osaka (let alone bring anything back from it), the unlucky person is immediately shown to the nearest airlock. If he cooperates and goes quietly, he's allowed to put on a vacc suit before being shoved into it.

(There's usually a survival ball on the other side of the airlock... but only about 95% of the time.)
Rob Kelk

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