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Can Trump take credit for the Green New Deal?
Can Trump take credit for the Green New Deal?
I thought for a while about posting this one, because the article itself isn't up to my usual standards of objectivity. However, the base premise appears sound.

CBC Analysis: Why Trump can take credit for his opponents' Green New Deal

tl;dr: By abandoning this issue (and apparently denying that it exists), Trump "has handed the Democrats carte blanche on the issue". (The article makes its point, then goes on to talk as if the Democrats being elected in 2020 is a done deal.)
Rob Kelk

"Governments have no right to question the loyalty of those who oppose them. Adversaries remain citizens of the same state, common subjects of the same sovereign, servants of the same law."
- Michael Ignatieff, addressing Stanford University in 2012

"Don't let anyone think for you; most people can barely think for themselves."
Rare Earth, ending credits

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