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Supervillains React to DeVos Proposal
Supervillains React to DeVos Proposal
McSweeney's interviewed Lex Luthor, the Joker, Dr. Doom, and a few others.  General consensus:  Betsy is giving evil a bad name. 

I'm a very forgiving person ... on Lord Vader's terms.  "Apology accepted, Captain."
RE: Supervillains React to DeVos Proposal
Honestly, I'm more concerned about the school and special needs funding that barely gets a side mention. The Special Olympics is good PR and a morale booster, but not in any way critical to quality of life the way education and medical support are. Beyond that, Catwoman was the only character who actually sounded like themselves, and that's because she's (usually depicted as) a mostly normal woman who happens to have improbably high athletic ability and a love for shiny objects that outstrips her respect for the property rights of people rich enough to have them in the first place. 3/10, a paltry effort.
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