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Arctic is warmest it's been in 10,000 years
RE: Arctic is warmest it's been in 10,000 years
Oh, I knew I was being trolled. Had some bad family medical news yesterday and was feeling combative - better to argue on the internet than go out and do something even more useless ^^

But anyway... going back to finish my numbers Smile

Private scientific research funding in the US: 322.5 Billion, 110 of which is biomedical research. This leaves 212.5 Billion for everyone else.

Total engineers & scientists in the US: 6.9 million
Climate scientists: 31,000 or 0.0045% of the total

Looking at the numbers for federal funding, climate scientists get about 4x what they would get if spread out equally, so I'll use that multiplier for the private funding as well.

212.5 Billion x 0.018 = 3.825 Billion for private climate research.
F&A rate - 28% (yep, on private funds too): $2.754 Billion

Final per person: $88,838

Final per climate scientist total (Private, public, UN): $154,451

I've had yearly mouse bills almost that high.

And I'm done here - I just wanted to get a final rough number estimate as it would drive me nuts otherwise.

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