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Arctic is warmest it's been in 10,000 years
RE: Arctic is warmest it's been in 10,000 years
A solar shade made of photovoltaic panels would be pretty good, except how do you get the power down? Microwave beaming seems less than ideal if the goal is to reduce the amount of energy reaching the planet, and either way it's a stupidly huge amount of material to launch and deploy even if you can paint the cells onto mylar film or something. (Can we even do that? I know flexible solar cells are kind of a thing, but there's a lot of fiction contamination in that part of my memory.)

edit: better ones than I was remembering, but still something that would be ridiculously expensive at the scale required. In the meantime, though, I found something interesting from the angle of reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide by freezing it in carbonates:

Wikipedia Wrote:Microbialites have been discovered in an open pit pond at an abandoned asbestos mine near Clinton Creek, Yukon, Canada.[33] These microbialites are extremely young and presumably began forming soon after the mine closed in 1978. The combination of a low sedimentation rate, high calcification rate, and low microbial growth rate appears to result in the formation of these microbialites. Microbialites at an historic mine site demonstrates that an anthropogenically constructed environment can foster microbial carbonate formation. This has implications for creating artificial environments for building modern microbialites including stromatolites.
source: Wikipedia article on stromatolites
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