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French police issue terrorist takedown order against Project Gutenberg
French police issue terrorist takedown order against Project Gutenberg
Official EU Agencies Falsely Report More Than 550 URLs as Terrorist Content

Not just Project Gutenberg - the entirety of the Prelinger Collection, the entirety of the collection of live Grateful Dead shows, the Smithsonian's entire online collection, and at least one recording of the proceedings of the US House of Representatives from December 2010, amongst many other links, were all named as being terrorist content.

Quote:Thus, we are left to ask – how can the proposed legislation realistically be said to honor freedom of speech if these are the types of reports that are currently coming from EU law enforcement and designated governmental reporting entities? It is not possible for us to process these reports using human review within a very limited timeframe like one hour. Are we to simply take what’s reported as “terrorism” at face value and risk the automatic removal of things like THE primary collection page for all books on
Rob Kelk

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RE: French police issue terrorist takedown order against Project Gutenberg
.... After filtering out the nationalist BS in the comments section, I agree on the take that this is actually a move by corporations to remove free sources of information from the Internet.
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