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Alberta Election
Alberta Election
There is an election approaching in Alberta, like a boulder rolling down hill at an archaeologist. As I write this, in fact, the day after tomorrow.
Personally, the only thing that I'm willing to predict is that turn out will exceed 26.6% of eligible voters.

Because it already has.
Advanced polls have 696,000 voters having cast their ballot already (I'm one of them) and Elections Alberta says that there are roughly 2,615,000 voters in the province.
That takes us to 26.62%
Total turn out last election was 54.2%.

It's going to be a wild ride, and if anyone calls a riding that is even vaguely close before all those early ballots are counted I feel like a solid mocking should be in order.
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RE: Alberta Election
CBC Radio says somebody's already running a robocall scam to get voters to switch. (I shan't say which parties are affected, because I don't want to give the scammers even the appearance of any support. Just assume that, if you get a robocall now urging you to switch parties, it's probably fake.)
Rob Kelk

"Governments have no right to question the loyalty of those who oppose them. Adversaries remain citizens of the same state, common subjects of the same sovereign, servants of the same law."
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RE: Alberta Election
It does kind of make me feel like MLA seats should be handed out like Olympic medals: If they find out you cheated, it goes to the person who got the next best results until you get to someone who didn't cheat.
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RE: Alberta Election
For that matter, thoroughly trace who tried to cheat and blacklist them and their co-conspirators permanently from the election in both the passive and active sense. If you have issues like some USA states do with elected officials casting votes for other elected officials without said official's permission, fire them immediately because you've got that sort of thing on camera these days and prosecute them for voting fraud with that same permanent disbarment from elections.

Make clear that anything other than a vote cast by a given individual or a vote cast by the duly designated representative of an individual that isn't casting a vote in person is valid, and any who try to screw around with it get punished severely. And I mean 'decades long prison sentences' severely.
RE: Alberta Election
The polls were right, we have a UPC (right wing) majority and the NDP as the opposiiton in Edmonton. Still some ridings up in the air based on the advanced poll votes from out of riding that haven't been counted, but not the 20 out of 87 that would be needed to swing the government.
Not a single seat to the Liberals, the Alberta Party, or anyone else.

I'm... probably going to binge watch some edutainment on YouTube or something. Following politics today will just make me angry.
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