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Daria Cohen's "Vampair Series" (and a live action bonus)
Daria Cohen's "Vampair Series" (and a live action bonus)
Most memorable to me for Pt. 3, "The Resurrection (AKA Fuck You)" it's a series of original music and animation shorts, but that still counts for this sub-forum, right? Besides, they're amazing.

Correction: The animation is original, the music is by other people, two by Voltaire since he makes such a fine voice for the antagonist character. (That's the musician Aurelius Voltaire, obviously, not the philosopher.)

I'm posting a link to the first video in the playlist rather than the separate ones, as pt.4 is new since I last thought to check on it and the interstitial shorts are easy to miss. This way it'll automatically be as up to date as can be.

Wonder Links power, activate!

Now, what made me think to look them up again was this little metal-opera gem, which while entirely different in style and tone still echoes similar themes:

‎noli esse culus

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