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Another white supremacist shoots a synagogue
Another white supremacist shoots a synagogue
Suspect in deadly synagogue shooting near San Diego wrote anti-Semitic manifesto

I am so fed up with this. We should publicly name every white supremacist, writer, blogger and politician that inspires these things. Hound them and expose them for the monsters they are. Starting with that orange dusted Russian investment property with dementia currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
If someone tells you that a thing you do causes harm, maybe take a second to think about that rather than jumping right into defending your right to keep doing the thing?

Particularly if the harm discussed includes contributing to a rise in hate crimes or other oppression?

—Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg
RE: Another white supremacist shoots a synagogue
Minority being murdered by white asshole. I'd make a harsh comment about the American Way, but that asshole in Christchurch came from Australia, so I'm just going to declare white supremacists need to be kicked in the dick. A lot. Preferably by women. Because most of these assholes are sexists as well.

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