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Well that was embarassing
Well that was embarassing
Running a standard Posi 1 the other night with Uni, MD, and Spud.

We had a fairly balanced group. Spud was on a Rad Armor/Dark Melee Tank, MD on a Titan Weapons/WP Brute, Uni on an Cold/Ice Defender, and me on my new Beam Rifle/Pain Corruptor.

We did pretty well... until we got to Doc Buzzsaw

The rest of the TF had thus far been scaled to level 9 (presumably due to the adjusted minimum level? We outleveled that pretty quickly), until we got to her

We beat everyone else. She ate us alive. We came back with full inspiration bars of nothing but yellows because we could barely hit her like she was some Vahzilok freakshow Matrix escapee, and when we did, we did SINGLE DIGIT damage.

She ate us alive a second time, though we got her to 50%

The straw that got us to dump the TF was when we looked at her info.

We were exemped down to 9 by the TF (on default settings, mind. I enabled no challenges) for some reason.

Doc Buzzsaw was Level 16.

After that, we broke down and gave up, but I dunno WHAT bug caused that, given she was the only enemy in the entire TF that had that happen, even in the mission that spawned her.
RE: Well that was embarassing
Low level tank and brute, yes, but watching Spud and I get pretty much one-shot before she ran off to murder Uni was a special kind of WTF.
RE: Well that was embarassing
Reattempted tonight with a team lead that was level 15, and no repeat of this issue.

So, rule of thumb for people: always have your Task Force leader be at the maximum level of the TF, or you might have a bad time. lol

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