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Links on webpages not changing colour
Links on webpages not changing colour
I use firefox and for some reason, ever since it had the problem with the certificates, links no longer change colour when I've clicked on them. This occurs on multiple webpages.

Also, There are websites where You click a link to start a download process, which no longer works.

I messed around with quite a lot of security stuff while firefox was being hinky, but no amount of messing around with the colour settings or the cookie settings has fixed the problem.

Googling hasn't given me any useful answers.

Any suggestions?

{Edit - bleh. Turns out that putting "remember history" was the trick.}
RE: Links on webpages not changing colour
Huh, I wonder how that got flipped on you? It's certainly not something I'd think to check myself, if I'd had the problem.
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