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Usagi’s Game of Wands
Usagi’s Game of Wands
In the game of magical girls, you win or are befriended.


*taken from the latest Shadowjack thread on Sailormoon*
If someone tells you that a thing you do causes harm, maybe take a second to think about that rather than jumping right into defending your right to keep doing the thing?

Particularly if the harm discussed includes contributing to a rise in hate crimes or other oppression?

—Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg
RE: Usagi’s Game of Wands
Ha! I just got lost for a few minutes cataloguing the stuff I recognized.
-- Bob

I have been Roland, Beowulf, Achilles, Gilgamesh, Clark Kent, Mary Sue, DJ Croft, Skysaber.  I have been 
called a hundred names and will be called a thousand more before the sun grows dim and cold....


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