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Well.... That is sub optimal
Well.... That is sub optimal

Was trying to export my current playing build so I could import it into mids/pine for Dren...  Only it does not seem to want to let me do it?

Can anyone help?  Because, to be honest, I really feel my present build is very sub optimal because I am not that savy with the changes present?
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RE: Well.... That is sub optimal
Your best bet is to get a copy of Mid's hero designer, probably whatever Dren uses and open it up then go into game and set your client to windowed for easy swapping and flip back and forth between the designer program and Coh manually imputting all of your build then once you have everything copied over you can save and export the information from mids to the forum here.
RE: Well.... That is sub optimal
He's got a copy, just looking to have CoH do the hard part for him

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