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House of Cheap Enhancements
House of Cheap Enhancements
Get your Enhancements here... All* enhancements available at reasonable prices. Get them before they are gone!

*Some exclusions apply.

Ok... so now that we have some level 50s and others that are thinking about finalizing builds, and some that are on their way I thought I'd make the following offer:

Name any set you really need for your build. ANY set. And I'll get it for you. There are some limits however - no purples, and no universal sets (i.e Overwhelming Force). 
Any other sets, I'll get them for you below the going market rate, provided you can wait for it. Also it can be any level... but it will be just the IO. If you want to convert it, tune it or take it out to dinner - that's your business.

It doesn't have to be a complete set, say you really want a lvl 20 slow IO and a 30 Numia Regen/Rec ... done. 

What's the catch? If it costs me 5 mill to make you 40 mill worth of enhancements, a donation of 5 mill would be nice but not expected. This is more a challenge to see if I can hit specific targets.

Also I CAN'T do your entire build. So I'm putting a cap of one set or 4 IOs at a time, and we'll see how we go from there. 

So name your poison and passion (List what you want and where to send them to). And trust me... no Crey/Clockwork/Council/Shivians will be harmed in the production of your goodies.
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